There are some who call springtime the eternal return.

There are some who call springtime the eternal return.

After a relatively tough winter like the one we had, there is a good feeling in the air on these season-changing days. It is becoming less and less likely that we have to deal with school closures and more and more likely that we are dealing with school happenings outdoors and that increases the excitement for high school sports.

With the new season already under way, here are seven things I truly relish about the spring sports season.

1. Rowing: OK, maybe the weather factors into this a little bit, but I truly enjoy heading down to the Scioto River to watch the Governor's Cup races. Take a beautiful spring day and watch a bevy of determined, hard-working athletes display the ultimate in teamwork. I know the weather shouldn't matter, but aesthetically this event is right near the top of any event I attend all year. Hard work and a beautiful environment add up to a great afternoon.

2. Lacrosse: Perhaps it is my love of hockey that transfers to this fast-paced and exciting game. I enjoy watching plays and scoring opportunities develop and I admire greatly the work of the goalkeepers who have to be so alert while also being fearless. Central Ohio lacrosse is of high quality and that adds to the enjoyment of seeing games.

3. Boys volleyball: The thing that gets to me about this sport is the anticipation experienced on a continuous basis. You watch the challenge of returning a blistering serve and then you hold your breath when you see the power of a kill. There is a certain artistry about volleyball that blends finesse and power, and most sports don't have that.

4. Boys tennis: I used to enjoy watching doubles play more than singles play because of the teamwork it took to be successful. But over the last decade, I have come to have monumental respect for the singles players who are out on the court with no help. Success is in their hands. Like volleyball, I think there is a certain anticipation on each serve or each stroke that can become mesmerizing.

5. Softball: Find me a superb pitcher and it adds to the electricity of this sport. Can a team just get a bat on the ball that is thrown by the elite hurlers? As the season progresses and the tournament begins, you end up with two outstanding pitchers battling with no room for error. It makes for real excitement.

6. Baseball: Having grown up in the 1940s and '50s, baseball was my favorite sport and will always be an activity I love watching. Here is the ultimate mind game. Does he bunt? Does he steal a base? Does he intentionally walk a batter? It goes on and on, every inning and every game. From an artistic point of view, can anything in baseball be more thrilling than a batter running at full speed to get a triple? Or how about an outfielder making a great throw to home plate to try to cut down a runner? Simple plays, major excitement.

7. Track and field: There are so many things I love about being at a track meet. Let me sit up high in a stadium and watch the panorama of athletic endeavors unfold in front of me. Let me watch the mental and physical challenge that a high jumper faces. Let me watch the explosiveness of the 100 meters. Let me watch the grit and determination of the 3,200 runners. Let me watch the toughness it takes to be a hurdler. But most of all, let me watch the 1,600 relay. Four runners, one baton and one lap of the track for each runner. I cherish the memories of watching the state meet in the days at Ohio Stadium, where the mile relay, as it was called years ago, was the final event and you were never sure who was going to win until the final stretch. Great moments, great memories.

Next week, I will preview a number of spring sports athletes and teams that will add to an already wonderful couple of months.

I'll see you at a game.

Larry Larson is a former athletics director at Grandview High School. He can be heard as "Mr. High School Sports" on WTVN 610 AM.