To the editor:

To the editor:

I am disturbed by a recent news article that referred to a Clintonville-area public meeting. The article reported that: Broadway residents "were trying to tell people on other sides of Broadway and on the side streets that they aren't very important," and attributed this quote to our district 3 commissioner, Clare Balombin.

On Jan. 20, the city gave a presentation of proposed changes to the intersection of East North Broadway and High Street designed to solve reported "cut-through" traffic problems. Clintonville residents were aware of the city's plan and wanted to know more about the proposed solution. Frustration arose when reasons to justify the changes were not provided. City officials referred to a PowerPoint presentation that, by their own admission, lacked data for the streets affected by the perceived problem. This angered many neighbors from East North Broadway as well as neighboring Clinton Heights, Milton and Hennepin streets.

Ms. Balombin incorrectly described the frustrations of the neighborhood. I don't doubt she has heard from selected residents about a problem with cut-through traffic, but clearly she did not hear the people in attendance. More than 200 people attended and only two residents expressed support for the proposed changes. Nearly 75 people stood to question the city's proposal and had concerns with the plan. Many believe that increased traffic on East North Broadway resulting from turn lanes will increase spillover traffic to adjacent streets and exacerbate the problem. Residents proposed less expensive solutions that also provide a more inviting pedestrian environment for all.

There are more than 1,000 children attending preschool, elementary and specialized education along East North Broadway or around the corner on High Street. Ours is a vibrant urban residential community that invites pedestrian traffic and supports a Saturday open-air market. I believe that we should consider a greener, safer and more cost effective solution that is good for all of Clintonville.

Felecia Paras Krakowka