The latest addition to the OHSAA hierarchy is the likable Jerry Snodgrass.

The latest addition to the OHSAA hierarchy is the likable Jerry Snodgrass.

A graduate of Upper Sandusky High School and Bowling Green State University, Snodgrass got his master's degree from Dayton and went on to teach and coach high school students at Defiance, Ridgedale, Bryan and Findlay, where he worked from 1983 until he took the position of assistant commissioner of the OHSAA, allowing him to remain in the field of education.

"The thing I love about education is the opportunity to motivate kids and use your ability to mold youth," he said. "I always found those things incredibly challenging and I cherished the chance to see any individual reach their potential in the classroom and in athletics. Those challenges are inherent in teachers, and I always have viewed sports as an extension of academics. I have been fortunate to have been in a job that I truly have enjoyed and I have made many memories along the way."

Reflecting on his tenure in teaching and coaching, Snodgrass said: "Since I began teaching and coaching 32 years ago, kids haven't changed and knowledge hasn't changed, but there is a major difference in the way we motivate young people. In the early stages of my coaching career you motivated athletes by being hard on them and demeaning them, but now we motivate them by praise and I admire the coaches today that have adjusted their styles to meet those demands."

In his new job, Snodgrass primarily is dealing with girls and boys soccer, girls and boys basketball and baseball.

"Before I was an athletics director, I was the manager of many sports events at my school and I loved the administrative side of high school athletics," he said. "Every step of the way in my career I wondered what the next level of administration I could reach, so getting to where I am today is the dream job for me. Since I came here, I have been surprised by how many auxiliary people offer to help us and I have been surprised by the great cooperation we have received from Ohio State University, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Columbus Crew. Without their help, we wouldn't have the great athletic events we have.

"I also have found the job a bit overwhelming at times and I find myself trying to learn new things all the time. It takes many parts to run high school tournaments and with so much diversity in our state, there have been a lot of big hurdles for me to cross, but I truly enjoy the challenges that I face."

For all the adjusting to a new position, what is the part of the job Snodgrass lists as his favorite?

"No doubt, working with people at the schools is No. 1," he said. "My biggest joy is communicating with educators that do what I did for years and the highlight of my job so far is heading out to visit those schools I have heard about for years and now get to see first hand. What a great opportunity."

Many Ohio school personnel will get a chance to meet Snodgrass and then understand what a great representative he is of the OHSAA.

I'll see you at a game.