After serving nine consecutive years as president of the Clintonville Historical Society, Algy McBride is just as happy to have the words "immediate past" in front of his title.

After serving nine consecutive years as president of the Clintonville Historical Society, Algy McBride is just as happy to have the words "immediate past" in front of his title.

He's also pleased to be handing the reins of the organization over to Mary Rodgers, who joined the society in 2002 and most recently had been serving as librarian and membership chairwoman.

"She's got as lot of energy, and I think she'll do an excellent job," McBride said last week. "When she gets a hold of something she's really goes all out.

"She has a lot of good ideas."

Also recently elected as officers were Alan Woods, vice president; Sharon Kirby, secretary; and Greg Denby, treasurer.

As far as Rodgers is concerned, Algy McBride "would have made an excellent president for life" of the society, but he wants to spend more time with his family, so she let him talk her into being part of the transition "to the next generation of historical society members."

Rodgers, who left her career as chief financial officer for Columbus Wood Products to open Moxie's, a specialty gift shop and party room at 3339 N. High St., said that she is comforted McBride will continue to serve as immediate past president.

"So we are going to continue to benefit from his experience for the next couple of years," Rodgers said.

"Having Algy continue is just the cream of the crop," she added. "When I joined the Historical Society a few years ago I thought he was the best thing it had going for it, and I still do."

"I plan to stick around," McBride said.

The two spoke as one when it came to the future for an organization that seeks to preserve the past.

"I hope someday we can get a building of our own," McBride said.

Currently, space for a reading room and library has been donated in the basement of the St. James Episcopal church on Calumet Street.

A permanent museum, preferably on highly visible North High Street, is the number one priority for Rodgers, as well.

"I feel that the people who live in Clintonville for the most part love Clintonville," Rodgers said. "There are generations of people living in the neighborhood. I think that moving into the future we want to remember why we love Clintonville."

The park space, the ravines and the very way in which the community was founded form the backbone for this embrace of place, and Rodgers feels that a museum can help preserve that as well as inform generations to come.

Rodgers, however, said that she wants the society's members to do more than just tell others about Clintonville's history. She also wants longtime residents to tell society members about the past. Rodgers pointed to the oral history program of the Columbus Jewish Historical Society, in which conversations with older residents are transcribed and posted on a website, as an excellent example to be emulated.

"I think that's a model that we could strive to make here in Clintonville," Rodgers said.

Educational programming is the second priority for the new society leader.

"We have for many years done an educational program once a month 10 months out of there year and I think that's been successful, but our numbers have kind of been dwindling," Rodgers said.

Part of the reason, she feels, is that these meetings have been held on the same day of the month and in the same place for a long time now.

"We need to switch that up a little," Rodgers said, "give people some choices. Hopefully that will allow more people to come and be aware of different subjects."

On another front, the historical society president said she has contacted officials at WOSU-TV to have Clintonville be the focus in an ongoing series of documentaries about Columbus neighborhoods leading up to the bicentennial in 2012.

Rodgers said that she is looking for great things from the other officers who were recently elected.

"I'm very excited to have Mr. Denby as treasurer," she said, noting that the head of the Whetstone library branch has been involved in the past as a board member.

New secretary Kirby has been on the board for several years "but she just has a huge amount of energy and she's very connected with Clintonville and with history," Rodgers said.

As for vice president Woods, he has "done some wonderful things in his career," Rodgers said, notably successful preservation efforts related to the Ohio Theatre and recent, unsuccessful efforts at preventing destruction of the Clinton Theater.

"I think he's really going to be great when it come to leading the educational arm of what we're trying to do," Rodgers said.