Trying to look at things as objectively as possible, Catalina Reasoner still came up with:

Trying to look at things as objectively as possible, Catalina Reasoner still came up with:

"I think he's just an amazing kid."

That amazing kid is her son, Michael, an 18-year-old senior at Bishop Watterson High School. The Clintonville woman was moved to nominate him for a Jefferson Award.

Presented by WBNS-10TV , Nationwide Insurance and ThisWeek Community Newspapers, the awards seek to "recognize individuals who do extraordinary things in their communities without expecting a reward," according to the program's website.

"The late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Sen. Robert Taft Jr. of Ohio created the national Jefferson Awards in 1972 to highlight the works of unsung heroes," the site states. "Here at home, the Jefferson Awards finalists serve central Ohio in a variety of ways. They volunteer at schools, community centers and service groups. They build houses through Habitat for Humanity. They deliver meals for Meals on Wheels. They provide school supplies for children who otherwise may not get those supplies."

And, perhaps, they devote a lot of time to the Center of Science and Industry.

Michael Reasoner, who has been accepted at Bowling Green State University where he plans to study 3D animation this fall, was enticed to consider volunteering at COSI when a friend of his older sister spoke enthusiastically about it.

"She absolutely loved it there," he said last week.

Michael at the time was "barely 12," Catalina Reasoner said, but he convinced COSI officials of his sincerity and willingness to help out in whatever way he could.

"It was fun, so I stayed there," Michael Reasoner said.

"Since then, he has had this passion about it," his mother commented. "It doesn't matter how hard the work is or how many hours, he just loves what he does.

"I don't see this passion in many kids. It's different from the rest of the people you see out there."

"After five years, he has accumulated more than 1,030 of volunteer service, teaching COSI visitors about science and the fun behind its mysteries," Catalina Reasoner wrote in her nomination. "Michael created the COSI Volunteer Sponsorship Program, is lead volunteer for COSI's special programs, works the 'Camp-In' weekends and serves as host and demonstrator on the COSI stage."

"I think volunteering has made me a much more mature person, just in general,' Michael Reasoner said. "It's showed me responsibility. Now that I'm an intern, I have to make sure people are doing the work, aren't just goofing off. It's made me manage my time a lot more, which is going to come in handy once I go to college."

"I think volunteering will always be part of his life," Catalina Reasoner said. "I think he will always have that passion for it."

"I know college will be really time-consuming," Michael Reasoner said. "Hopefully, I'll be able to find a place to volunteer down at Bowling Green. If there is a place I would like to volunteer, then I'd like to do that. If not, that's a bummer."

The recipients of this year's Jefferson Awards will be announced on April 5.