There was only so much of him to go around, Tom Maxwell came to realize.

There was only so much of him to go around, Tom Maxwell came to realize.

So, although it is dear to his heart, the 54-year-old Clintonville resident is resigning as the leader of an organization he helped found, and one that he feels will be left in capable hands after his departure.

The Clintonville Community Choir spring concert on Sunday, April 22, will be Maxwell's last as director. The performance will begin at 2 p.m. in Calvary Bible Church, 3865 N. High St.

He said he wants to be able to devote more time to several different Christian ministries and volunteer service work in which he is involved.

Brandon Moss, a graduate student at Ohio State University who will be receiving his master's degree soon, will take over the post Maxwell is vacating.

"It just seems that it's better for me to reduce my commitments a little bit so that I can focus a little bit more on the service ministry that I'm interested in," Maxwell said last week.

"He will be truly missed," the choir's publicity manager, Terry Swanger, wrote in an email.

"He is our founding director since the inception of the Clintonville Community Choir in 2005 and has shaped this choir into what we are today," she added. "He has taken a bunch of amateur singers and lovingly taught us how to sight-read, how to tell a story with our songs, how to love and appreciate all kinds of music and most of all, how to become a family and come together to create wonderful, joyous music for all to share."

"I'm not necessarily leaving for good," Maxwell said. "My wife (Diane) and I will probably sing with the choir in the future. I'll probably be a guest conductor here and there, so I'm not completely ending my association with the choir."

He credits Sharon Watkins, now the artistic director for the choir, with getting the concept of creating such a singing group going more than seven years ago. At the time a vocal music teacher at Whetstone High School, Watkins began talking with some residents of the neighborhood about the idea. That circle eventually included Maxwell; the two had been friends for over 30 years.

Maxwell, 54, is a graduate of Walnut Ridge High School who received his bachelor of music degree in voice performance from OSU, according to Swanger.

She noted that Maxwell "established himself early on as a sensitive interpreter of French, German and modern America art song, taking first place in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Great Lakes Regional Competition for three consecutive years."

Swanger went on to list a wide array of professional credits for Maxwell.

"While all of that is impressive in itself, Tom Maxwell as a person is much more impressive," she wrote. "His passion and love for music has provided a rock-solid foundation for the choir to grow and flourish. He has poured his heart and soul into our choir and the decision to leave has been a very emotional and difficult one for him."

"We just got together and started discussing our ideas about a community choir," Maxwell recalled. "There are people in our community who love to sing and would be drawn to a group where they could experience community those two things could happen with a community choir.

"I particularly believe that the voice is a beautiful instrument and a marvelous one and a unique one, and so I like to promote that."

None of those involved in the planning was sure how well the idea would go over in Clintonville.

"We got the word out, and it seemed like we had a lot of takers," Maxwell said. "We've never really been at a loss for membership, because I think that we have selected good music for our programs with a lot of variety. We enjoy rehearsing together. It's not like a big chore, although it is a challenge, so it's a challenge and a lot of enjoyment."

Organizations sometimes flounder without their founder, but the departing choir director doubts anything like that will happen in this instance.

"We have a very strong board of directors," Maxwell said. "We have a new conductor coming on who I think just has a great resume and has a great personality, and I think the combination of those two things will bode very well for the choir. I'm looking forward to seeing how he might bring the choir to a new level of maturity.

"I think it's definitely going to continue."