Is that the Bard of Avon calling?

Is that the Bard of Avon calling?

Maybe, but then again ...

The works of William Shakespeare -- or whoever actually wrote them -- will be sent up June 9 during the first staged reading of plays by Walhalla Dramaturgy Productions.

The performance of Two Shakespeare Prequels, a Sequel and a Coda at the Hawk Galleries, 153 E. Main St., was to have been a one-time event at 2 p.m., but that one sold out -- "even though it's free," added Clintonville resident Alan Woods.

One of the founders and the former director of the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute at Ohio State University, Woods is the impish mind behind Walhalla Dramaturgy, which takes its name from the ravine in his neighborhood and the term for the craft of technique of dramatic composition.

With the filling of 40 chairs for the first reading of the four plays -- three of them by Woods and one by Upper Arlington-area resident Katherine Burkman -- a second reading has been added for 3:30 p.m.

"We could either add more chairs or a second reading," Woods said.

They went with the latter.

Those finding one of the coveted spaces at the first or second performance will be treated to Witches Wishing, the sequel; prequels Impressing Rosalind and What Shall We Do with Daddy?; and Burkman's You Again, the coda, or conclusion.

Burkman is a former professor in the Department of English at OSU. She specialized in Shakespeare and modern drama, with an emphasis on the works of Harold Pinter, about whom she wrote a book.

Woods, a founding board member of the Senior Theatre League of America, said the two readings came about more or less by accident.

"I wrote these plays kind of as a lark and showed them to several friends, and all of them urged me to put them on," he said.

Woods contacted Tom Hawk, owner of the downtown gallery where readings of written works have been staged before, and the arrangements were made.

"I've always been intrigued by the authorship question surrounding Shakespeare," Woods said. "We don't know who wrote Shakespeare. It remains a mystery."

Since some of the Bard's plays are fragmentary and incomplete, Woods thought, "let's continue the work he didn't get a chance to complete."

Or she.

"It's just fun," Woods said.

The Hawk Galleries also will feature glass work by artists Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Pool on June 9.

To make reservations or to ask to be placed on a waiting list, call Woods at 614-261-6268.