Prom Remix '13, a fundraiser for Dominion Middle School, will offer those who attend the opportunity to relive one of the best nights of their lives -- or maybe to get it right this time around.

The event, sponsored by Clintonville Go Public and the Dominion Middle School Parent Teacher Student Organization, will take place from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Aug. 3 at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W. Weisheimer Road.

At least two of the married couples who plan to attend also went to their high school proms together.

"We've actually known each other since fifth grade, but prom was our first official date," said Clintonville Go Public member Colleen Rogers, who went to the 1996 Thomas Worthington High School event with future husband Nate Rogers.

"I had a hunch about her," he said last week. "I felt pretty strongly about her. I definitely felt she was different from the other girls I had dated."

"We hit it off, I think, right off the bat," Colleen Rogers said. "It was a really fun night. And we just, I don't know, decided to keep together, and now we have two kids."

They hope to recapture some of that magic Aug. 3 as well as help pay for some needed improvements at the school their children -- 8-year-old Maxwell and 5-year-old Eilah -- will attend.

Sally Kuzemchak, another Clintonville Go Public member, and her husband, Joel Husenits, also went to their high-school prom, but broke up before getting back together, Rogers said.

Prom Remix '13, which is receiving widespread support from businesses in the neighborhood, including an offer of a matching $3,000 grant from the T. Marzetti Co., is intended to benefit a school that provides a terrific education, according to one of the event's organizers, Tiffany Grinstead.

"My daughter's had a phenomenal experience there," she said.

But you wouldn't know it to look at the tired old building.

"It doesn't have that inviting feeling," Grinstead said.

Parents exploring ways to pay for new furniture, fresh paint and possibly some murals on the walls, thought of various fundraising efforts before hitting on the idea of a prom for grownups.

"It's Clintonville, right?" Grinstead said. "We're an arty community. We're a smart community. We wanted it to be different and we wanted it to be linked up with education."

Tickets to Prom Remix are $80 for a couple, $50 for "Dancing with Myself" individuals. "Ladies Night" tickets for a party of three women are $90.

Tickets may be purchased at

The evening will include a silent auction featuring such items as tickets for Ohio State basketball, Cincinnati Reds baseball, LC Pavilion and Columbus Children's Theatre.

Clintonville Go Public, a nonprofit group established to promote and support public schools in the neighborhood, hopes to raise $20,000 toward the Dominion Middle School Beautification Project.

"That's pretty audacious for a first time out, we know, but we feel the community can do this," Grinstead said.

"I'm really looking forward to it," Rogers said. "I think it's going to be really fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how much money they raise and what they do with it for Dominion.

"I think it's going to be great time."