The Clintonville Woman's Club needed to raise money to pay for its parking lot to be resurfaced.

The Clintonville Woman's Club needed to raise money to pay for its parking lot to be resurfaced.

Because of that, 79 families set to receive their Thanksgiving Day dinners through the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center will have holiday pie on the menu -- apple, pecan or pumpkin.

A committee was formed to decide how to pay for the parking-lot project, with Kate Blakeslee as chairwoman. Another member, Carolyn Hill, came up with the idea of selling pies to raise funds -- "which I thought sounded like a great idea," Blakeslee said last week.

"We felt, too, that people would get something for their money," Hill added.

Notice of the sale of pies, purchased through the Woman's Club's regular food-service provider, Sysco, was published in the September newsletter.

Sales did not immediately take off.

"In the beginning, I didn't think it was going to go," said Avis Gloeckner, another member of the fundraising committee.

Then a club member said while she did not need a pie for Thanksgiving, perhaps CRC families would.

That turned things around.

"It went kind of slowly at first, but when the idea of donating to CRC came along, the women were very generous," Hill said.

Blakeslee, whose husband, Jay, is a driver for the resources center, said the donated pies were offered to officials at the settlement house.

"They liked the idea a lot," she said.

Eventually, 168 pies were sold, with about half donated by the purchasers.

"We're talking real seriously about doing it in the spring as well," said Darlene Kura, another member of the parking-lot project committee.

"It's been wonderful," Jay Blakeslee said last week as he prepared to take the donated desserts to the CRC. "The number of pies that the Woman's Club has donated is amazing. It really means people are going to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving when before they might not have been going to."

"We saw this as a win-win," his wife added.