A Delaware City Council member thinks the city should be getting more county transportation sales tax money.

The Delaware County commissioners and Delaware City Council will meet in a joint session at 7 p.m. on Feb. 2 at Delaware City Hall.

On the agenda will be discussions on the Sawmill Parkway Extension, a proposed countywide early warning siren system and the consolidation of 911 services.

As part of the Sawmill Parkway discussion, some council members also want to talk about the distribution of county transportation sales tax money.

During city council's Jan. 26 meeting, councilman Jim Moore expressed concern that the city wasn't getting "a fair shake" when it came to dividing those funds.

"We get a token here and there. We don't get a reasonable amount (of the taxes paid by city residents) back," he said.

If commissioners agree to put a levy for a countywide warning siren system on the May 5 ballot, Moore also wants to make sure that the city gets reimbursed in some way for what it has invested in its own siren system.

In discussions last week, the commissioners acknowledged that some areas of the county are already protected by an early warning system and said any discussion of a levy would need to include ways to reimburse those areas for what they have already spent.