The property tax rollback approved by Delaware County commissioners from 2000 to 2008 might come to an end.

The property tax rollback approved by Delaware County commissioners from 2000 to 2008 might come to an end.

The current commissioners this week passed a resolution saying they will consider letting the 0.8-mill property tax rollback lapse this year without renewing it. If they do, that would bring in an additional $5-million in property taxes for the 2010 fiscal year, said commission vice president Ken O'Brien.

The rollback was first enacted by county commissioners in 2000. It was approved on an annual basis since then, with a reduction of 0.8 mill from 2000 to 2004, 0.6 mill from 2005 to 2007, and 0.8 mill last year.

The resolution passed by commissioners March 30 was one of several designed to increase the 2009 fiscal year balance.

Without any changes, Delaware County would end the 2009 fiscal year with $313,000 in carryover funds.

That's not enough for the county commissioners, especially when there is no immediate end in sight to the current economic downturn.

The commissioners' resolution requires the county administrator to work with all elected officials and county department directors to prepare lists of 1-percent, 3-percent and 5-percent budget cuts before April 15.

Commissioners intend to cut only 1 percent this year, commission president Tommy Thompson said, but the lists will help commissioners identify where additional cuts could come from for 2010 if the economy doesn't rebound.

A 1-percent across-the-board cut would reduce the current $53.5-million budget by $500,000.

Commissioners also will move money out of four revenue funds and into the general fund to increase the carryover for 2010, and cut two accounts on the expenditure side of the budget which, when combined, would add an additional $3.96-million into the carryover account.

After meeting with elected officials and directors, county administrator Dave Cannon will prepare the list of proposed cuts for 2009 and give them to the commissioners by April 30.

The 2000-2008 rollback was separate from a 1-mill permanent rollback approved in 2007. Commissioners approved that rollback when they approved the permanent renewal of the 0.75-percent the county sales tax.