In 1933, Wayne Brown founded Big Bear Stores.

In 1933, Wayne Brown founded Big Bear Stores.

Decades later, the supermarket chain opened a store at Powell Road and Sawmill Parkway, next to a residential community known as Big Bear Farms. When a development plat was filed with the county, a street bearing the founder's name was included.

The only problem, said resident Joel Kallman, is there was no space between the founder's first and last name.

The omission of the space between the two names bothered Kallman for years after he moved into his home in 1997. While the street sign had two words, the post office and auditor's office listed it as Waynebrown Drive.

In June 2009 Kallman filed a petition with the county to officially change the name. "Wayne Brown is a formal name" and should be listed that way on official documents, he said in the petition.

Last week, the county commissioners agreed and, after a public hearing, voted to change the name of the road to Wayne Brown Drive.

Kallman was pleased.

"Whether it was a typo or an oversight" the change shows respect for Brown's contributions to the community, Kallman told the commissioners.

At the same meeting, commissioners approved a list of items that will be auctioned online at the sheriff's office Web site. Not all items will appear on the list at the same time. The list includes tools, golf clubs and bags, an Eddie George jersey, household appliances, several bicycles, a snow blower, DVDs, electric toothbrushes and a karaoke system.

To see a complete list of items up for auction, go to and click on the surplus property icon.