The Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce has apparently found a new location.

The Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce has apparently found a new location.

Earlier this year, the chamber sent out a request for proposals looking for a new location for its headquarters. At the March 24 meeting of the Delaware Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), James Manos, owner of a building at 32 S. Sandusky St., said he was completing contract terms with the chamber to take over the 2,150-square-foot first floor of the building.

The chamber's offices are now at 23 N. Union St., in a building that has been for sale for more than a year.

Scott Cubberly, chair of the chamber's board of directors, said they are "still working through the terms of the contract ... and have nothing to announce at this time."

Manos is currently renovating the building, constructed in 1883. Plans are to have an apartment on the top floor and office space on the first floor. He was was seeking HPC approval March 24 for new windows on the second floor that meet safety requirements, as well as improvements to a former garage at the rear of the building for another apartment. He also wanted approval for faade improvements at the front of the building.

Earlier this year, Manos said he converted the second floor of the Cubberly building at 34 S. Sandusky St. for residential use. The success of that project prompted him to buy the adjoining building, he said.

"I'm happy to have some reinvestment into some of the upper stories of these downtown buildings, many of which have gone unused for decades," HPC chairman Roger Koch said. "You've taken one of the worst buildings (32 S. Sandusky St.) and rehabbed it."

The HPC gave conditional approval for the windows so Manos could meet a deadline for getting the interior work completed. He told the commission all spaces are rented and will be occupied by June 1.

The commission asked him to come back for its April meeting with revisions the city staff suggested for the faade work, including the color scheme and choice of siding materials.

Manos had proposed an off-white main color with beige trim, which Koch said is not in keeping with the Victorian design of the building. He suggested Manos use reds, tans and browns.

The commission also asked Manos to remove the canopy over the front door.