Forty-six applicants met the June 25 deadline for the Delaware County administrator vacancy.

Forty-six applicants met the June 25 deadline for the Delaware County administrator vacancy.

In April, the county commissioners voted 2-1 to terminate Dave Cannon, who had served in the post since 1998. The advertised salary range for the job is $77,000 to $104,000.

"We don't have a set timeline" for hiring someone, said Lisa Iannotta, director of administrative services. "The interim administrator (Deb Martin, appointed May 17) is here for three months. Ideally, we'd like to have something done before she leaves."

Iannotta said she expects each of the three commissioners to individually evaluate the list of applicants. The commissioners then jointly will review their selections and select six to 10 likely candidates for further evaluation and interviews.

"We did get some very qualified applicants, so it will depend on how fast the commissioners can go through them and come to some kind of consensus," Iannotta said. "We've gone through and made our first cut, as far as minimum qualifications."

Among the departments that report to the administrator are environmental services, facilities, job and family services, child support, human resources, emergency communications and emergency medical services.

"First and foremost, the county administrator is responsible for the budget of the county," said Deb Martin, interim administrator. "The only thing the county commissioners are responsible for, relative to other elected officials (such as the auditor, treasurer and sheriff) is setting the budget. They run their own offices.

"However, the county commissioners must set the budgets. They know how much money is coming in, from the auditor, and then the departments (which answer to the commissioners) and the offices (which are elected by voters), then submit their budget needs. It is then the responsibility of the county to make that budget balance."

Commissioners Tommy Thompson and Todd Hanks voted April 26 without public discussion to fire Cannon. Commissioner Ken O'Brien dissented. Cannon asked for public discussion, but Thompson refused, instead making reference to a previous executive session, which is not public.

"You were sitting in executive session to hear what was said," Thompson said at the time in response to Cannon's request.

Of the 46 applications received that met the threshold screening requirements, 35 are from Ohio, including 22 in central Ohio, and 11 are from other states. Applicants include Liberty Township administrator Dave Anderson and former Genoa Township trustee Gerry Cotter.

Applicants living in Delaware include David Arnold, Andrew Blank and Runyan Smith. Others live in Powell and Westerville.

Iannotta said the county will handle the hiring process itself.

"We've never used consultants for the interview or hiring process," Iannotta said. "We have staff for that. It's very expensive, for one thing, to hire a consultant. This person reports to the commissioners, so they are the best to decide what they want."

Delaware County has about 1,000 total employees, with between 300 and 400 reporting to the commissioners, Ionnatta said.