To the editor:

To the editor:

I am Andrew O. Brenner, the Republican nominee for state representative from Ohio's 2nd House district, which covers all of Delaware County. Recently, my opponent incorrectly stated that I am not upholding my promise to taxpayers as Delaware County recorder, as quoted in the Sept. 19 issue of ThisWeek Delaware.

I was first elected as county recorder in 2004 and since then I have cut my budget, modernized the office, come in under budget, made the office more efficient and made my office one of the, if not the, most productive recorder's office in the state of Ohio. My budget is 10 percent lower than it was when I took office nearly 6 years ago. I have implemented new systems in the office so that we are operating with up-to-date technology and equipment, improving efficiencies and cutting costs. I have reduced staff by 29 percent.

Recently, I asked our county commissioners for a $2,500 supplemental appropriation. This was requested for several reasons. First of all, I run a lean office. I do not pad my budget. I cut everything out of it that I possibly can, and then budget accordingly. With a sudden increase in documents being recorded (a 30-40 percent spike), and a bid process under way for our indexing system, my small staff of 5 is overloaded. In an effort to make sure that we not only review the bids properly but that we also keep processing documents promptly for our customers, I requested $2,500 for overtime in case I needed it. Half of the money the recorder's office receives goes to the Housing Trust Fund, minus $4 per document. When I went before the commissioners, I explained to them that the daily average revenue as of May 2010 was around $8,000, and that today it is around $12,000. Of that $4,000 difference, considering that the county keeps about half of that, I was asking for only a little more than one day of the increased revenue. The commissioners denied my request in a 1-1 vote, with one commissioner absent.

Another fact most do not know is that the recorder's office receives money back from the State for administering the Ohio Housing Trust Fund. This is a 1 percent return. Since I took office in 2005, my office has received $67,458 for administering the Ohio Housing Trust Fund. According to Ohio law, this money is for the use of the recorder, and many county recorders use those funds in their offices.

I do not. I have returned those dollars to the county for the six years I have been recorder. So again, requesting the $2,500 is equal to 3.7 percent of those Housing Trust Fund dollars, the other 96.4 percent of which I have given back to the county since I have been recorder.

I have cut my budget, repeatedly and voluntarily. Even with this $2,500 supplemental, my office's budget is still 10 percent lower than when I took office six years ago

Andrew Brenner

Delaware County recorder