The city of Delaware has receiv-ed four redevelopment proposals that would involve low- and moderate-income senior housing at the site of the former Delaware Hotel.

The city of Delaware has receiv-ed four redevelopment proposals that would involve low- and moderate-income senior housing at the site of the former Delaware Hotel.

NRP Group & Wagenbrenner Development of Cleveland and Columbus, Miller Valentine Group of Cincinnati, Wallick-Hendy Development of Reynoldsburg and The Woda Group of Westerville all submitted plans. Senior housing is restricted to those 55 and older.

Delaware community affairs coordinator Lee Yoakum told ThisWeek the city is "very pleased" with the quality and completeness of the responses. "They would represent anywhere from a $10-25 million investment on the site initially, and provide needed affordable senior housing options in our community," Yoakum said.

Yoakum said several proposals include all or part of an adjacent two-acre lot.

"While this was encouraged as part of the ... process, it is not city-owned land and the preferred developer will have to negotiate with that property owner to incorporate it as part of an overall development," Yoakum said.

He said the city staff is aware of only one developer that has a formal option on the adjacent property. Miller Valentine Group has an informal back-up offer from the NRP-Wagenbrenner development team. Yoakum said Wallick-Hendy said they will attempt to work out an acceptable offer if selected. Woda Group's proposal does not include the property at all.

An evaluation team will include two Delaware City Planning Commission members and one member of the Ohio Wesleyan University community, as the project would be adjacent to OWU's "southern gateway."

Also included would be city department representatives in administrative services, engineering, planning, economic development and public utilities. The group will look at issues such as quality, feasibility, developer experience and funding.

Yoakum said the review team will evaluate the proposals during the next few weeks. Presentations are expected in early May. Yoakum said all projects require Ohio Housing Finance Agency low-income housing tax credits in order to move forward.

Because of OHFA requirements, the review team will need to have a recommendation to city council by May 9, Yoakum said. OHFA awards likely will be known by early 2012. Construction could begin later that year.

NRP and Wagenbrenner submitted a proposal for 75 total units, including one three-story building, four single-story cottages and an assisted living building. The three-story building also would feature a community center with nearly 6,000 square feet.

Miller Valentine proposed an 89-unit complex. A four-story building with 14 one-bedroom and 35 two-bedroom units would house 49 units. A three-story building with eight one-bedroom units and 18 two-bedroom units would hold a total of 26 units. They also proposed seven single-story duplex villas and a commercial space in one or two buildings. A 10,000-square-foot wellness center would include medical, therapy and supportive services for residents and the neighborhood. This commercial portion would be privately financed.

Wallick-Hendy's proposal calls for a 70-unit complex, of which 60 would be for low to moderate income senior housing and 10 would not be age- or income-restricted. The senior housing would be a three-story building with 30 one-bedroom units and 30 two-bedroom units. This would also include space at the front of the facility for community organizations and residents to schedule meetings and activities. Market-rate condominiums would also be available to individuals of any age.

Woda proposed a 64-unit complex. A three-story building would have 44 one-bedroom units. The space would also include a community room and a computer room on the first floor. Five additional attached single story buildings would have four two-bedroom units each.