The era of students using pens to change C's to A's on their report cards is over.

The era of students using pens to change C's to A's on their report cards is over.

Grade cards for all Delaware City School District students now are available online and can be viewed by parents as soon as they're released.

Assistant Superintendent Brad Faust said online report cards have been discussed for some time.

"Instead of waiting in the mail for the grade cards to arrive, parents can see them immediately," he said. "The format looks exactly the way it always has; it's just in a digital format."

Additionally, parents of students in grades 6-12 have access to teachers' online grade books, which give breakdowns of individual grades on tests, homework assignments and projects.

Next year, grade books for students in grades 4-12 will be available.

Faust said allowing parents to access grade books will eliminate the need for interim grade cards for middle school and high school students.

"We will no longer be mailing out interim report cards so parents can see how their student is doing in school," he said. "Now, they can track their progress all year round."

Faust said the district hopes putting grades online will encourage more discussion at home.

"Parents can see if their child actually did their homework the night before or not," he said. "We're hoping this will encourage parents to follow along and have those important conversations with their students and the teachers if need be."

Faust said he's received nothing but positive feedback from parents, who are happy they can see their students' grades with a few clicks of the mouse.

Although the district no longer will mail grade cards, parents who lack Internet access may request one by mail.

For directions on how to set up an account to view grade cards, visit the district's website,