By the time summer returns, five construction projects will be underway at five different buildings in the Delaware City School District.

By the time summer returns, five construction projects will be underway at five different buildings in the Delaware City School District.

On May 7, 2013, Delaware voters approved a 3.6-mill bond issue that allowed the district to compensate for increased enrollment and overcrowding by redesigning and renovating the current buildings.

The additional money also will allow the district to return to the traditional grade alignment of K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. But before that happens, all of the district's buildings will receive facelifts.

Work began last year at Schultz Elementary School, Hayes High School and Dempsey Middle School. By the summer, Conger and Carlisle elementary schools will join them.

"All these projects will affect service in the school, especially Hayes," district Director of Facilities Jason Sherman said. "There will be some headaches for spring athletics and even graduation due to the work being done on the stadium."

Schultz Elementary

Sherman said there have been a few delays at Schultz, but not enough to cause any problems.

Current work at the school includes roofing, plumbing, electrical and duct upgrades. Construction will continue through the spring with a cafeteria addition that will provide more seating for students, as well as a renovation of the front office for improved security.

Hayes High School

The first phase of work at Hayes is underway. Outside work to the fields, including draining field areas and framing dugouts on the softball field, has been completed.

Sherman said he hopes workers soon will be able to lay down gravel so paving can begin as soon as the weather allows.

Turf will be installed once the tracks are completed in June. Due to the amount of outdoor work that needs to be done, athletic activities and graduation may be affected, Sherman said.

Designs are in process and almost finalized for the second phase of work, which will include an addition on the north side of the building and a small addition to the performing arts center.

The city's planning commission approved the work Feb. 4. The proposal must go before the board of zoning appeals for its approval.

Hayes staff members have met with building designers to give their input on interior design opinions, especially science classrooms.

"These learning spaces are being created for the 21st century and we want to be very thoughtful in how we lay it out, especially for STEM-course classrooms," said Sherman.

Groundbreaking for the second phase of work is expected in the summer.

The third phase will include improvements to the south side of the building and an expanded food service area. Safety updates and changes to the commons area also are planned.

"At the completion of all three phases, the school will be able to accommodate 1,900 students," Sherman said. "Currently, it can accommodate 1,500."

Dempsey Middle School

Site work for construction at Dempsey began the week of Feb. 2 and included utilities, landscaping and prep work for the foundation for the building addition, which will begin to rise in the spring.

Plans for summertime work include parking-lot improvements to create extra space for dropoff and pickup. No changes in traffic are planned until an additional entrance on Troy Road is created, Sherman said. The entrance will allow cars to line up in the parking lot as opposed to in the street.

Carlisle, Conger elementaries

Plans for both Carlisle and Conger have been approved by the planning commission, and final design plans should be completed by spring, with construction beginning in the summer.

At Carlisle, a new gymnasium will be built along with a two-story addition for classrooms, eliminating the modular classrooms.

The parking lot will receive updates designed for safer pickup and dropoff for students.

At Conger, more classrooms will be added to the east side of the building. An interior remodeling will move the offices from the center of the building to the north side, improving safety.

The parking lot also will be updated to provide additional off-street parking for visitors.