A couple who met and found success as entrepreneurs in Uptown Westerville have launched their first joint venture in downtown Delaware.

A couple who met and found success as entrepreneurs in Uptown Westerville have launched their first joint venture in downtown Delaware.

Tony Cabilovski and Amy Winter last week opened their store, Edwin Loy Home/Stone and Sparrow Apparel, at 27 N. Sandusky St., formerly home to Global Village Collection.

Cabilovski and Winter met about three years ago through their association with the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association. Cabilovski said he wasn't attending meetings of local business owners with the intention of finding a fiancee.

"I'm not knocking them, but I think we were probably the only people -- when it first started -- under 50," he said.

When Cabilovski's Uptown Deli and Brew opened across State Street from Winter's Edwin Loy Home in Westerville, he said the pair "saw each other a little more" and hit it off.

Winter, a Harlem Township resident, said her time as a student at Otterbein University helped convince her Uptown was the right place for her home-goods business.

"I saw the growth and thought Westerville would be a great location for my store," she said.

Cabilovski, a Gahanna resident, said he saw an opportunity to be complementary to existing Westerville businesses with his combo deli and brewery.

"It's not a direct competitor to anyone there," he said. "It's just a different kind of restaurant, a different kind of niche."

Cabilovski said the couple sought a location for a shared business venture in downtown Delaware in part because it has a similar "vibe" to uptown Westerville. He said both communities feature a busy, yet friendly atmosphere.

Winter, who worked at her relatives' Delaware furniture shop in the late 2000s, said the downtown area has grown more vibrant in recent years.

"It's changed dramatically, I think," she said. "There's a lot more restaurants, a lot more retail shops. It's almost at full capacity."

Cabilovski said the downtown no longer has its old reputation for shutting down after rush hour.

Winter said her store will bring distinctive decorative pieces and other home goods to downtown Delaware.

"It's not a big-box store," she said. "The furniture's hand-painted. We put all of our love in this space and we're excited to share that with everyone."

Edwin Loy Home also sells Chalk Paint, a decorative product that can be used to spruce up old pieces of furniture. Winter said the paint, which is available only in select shops, will be a big draw.

"People love it because it's so easy to use," she said.

Winter said the couple thought Stone and Sparrow also could work in downtown Delaware because the area lacks clothing retailers. The pair began renovating their storefront in April ahead of the dual business' opening.

"It's a nice large space that can house two shops in one," she said.

Despite having multiple businesses in operation in two locations, Cabilovski said he and Winter intend to be hands-on owners in Delaware.

"There are two of us, so we kind of divide and conquer a little bit," he said. "Part of it is the staff. The staff is an extension of what we do."

Winter said the city's fellow business owners have been "extremely welcoming" to their two newest colleagues.