At a busy meeting Monday night, Dublin City Council unanimously approved a citywide Wi-Fi system, an economic development incentive package and changes to the city's agreements with various soccer organizations.

At a busy meeting Monday night, Dublin City Council unanimously approved a citywide Wi-Fi system, an economic development incentive package and changes to the city's agreements with various soccer organizations.

The citywide Wi-Fi network will provide wireless capabilities within Dublin corporation limits. The service will be available to residents on a subscriber basis through DHB's AirWirz network at an estimated cost of $24.95 per month, according to council.

Economic development director and deputy city manger Dana McDaniel cautioned that Wi-Fi is an outdoor system; however, the signal might be accessible indoors if someone sits near a window or purchases a router.

Dublin has been working with DHB Networks since 2006 when it launched its Wi-Fi coverage of four square miles. At that time, the Wi-Fi deployment cost $100,000 per square mile. This phase of Dublin's expansion, 16 square miles, will cost $74,375 per square mile.

The deployment will happen in four phases and should be completed in the next year.

The city will pay DHB $620,000 through 2012. Funding will come from the city's capital improvements program. The funds cover the cost of 400 access points -- 2-foot by 2-foot boxes -- that will allow people to use the network, according to council.

DHB will continue to maintain and operate the system and will be paid a monthly fee of $8,500 by the city for the service for five years -- a total of $510,000. After that, DHB will provide service to Dublin for an additional five years at no cost to the city.

Council also approved an economic development agreement with IGS Energy (International Gas Supply Inc.) as part of the company's plan to build a new corporate headquarters on Emerald Parkway.

Dublin will pay a retention grant to IGS Energy of up to $125,000 and a 20-percent withholding incentive worth a total of up to $680,000 over an eight-year period, according to the city.

Dublin also has agreed to assist with infrastructure improvements at or near the site at a cost of at least $500,000.

IGS Energy, a natural gas retailer, has proposed construction of a four-story, 100,000-square-foot facility. The company also intends to construct a three-story, 75,000-square-foot building adjacent to the first building on the 16-acre site.

Before construction can begin Dublin's planning and zoning commission will need to approve a rezoning request.

Also Monday, council approved a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission (PRAC) to conduct annual reviews of the agreements that various soccer organizations have with the city.

The agreements with the Dublin Soccer League, Ohio Premier and Team Ohio Football Club will be amended to include language similar to the agreement with the Dublin Middle Tier Soccer Organization (DMTSO), which requires an annual review to provide an opportunity for changes to be made.

The agreements had been reviewed every three to five years.

PRAC has been studying issues related to the soccer agreements since November, when council approved an amendment to the agreement with DTMSO that allowed it to play in the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League.

"There's a part of me that when I reviewed this was a little disappointed," Councilman Tim Lecklider said. "Not at staff, but at the parties representing the different organizations. It seems to me on some level that they aren't cooperating anymore. That's just the sense I get from reading the minutes. It's just disappointing to me that in the end I believe it should be about the children in the community."

The annual review process will allow for a higher likelihood of solving problems, said recreation services director Matt Earman.

"There's been lots of finger pointing and one-way conversations," Earman said.

In other news, council approved -- in a 6-0 vote with Mike Keenan abstaining -- the appropriation of several tracts of land for temporary construction easements and a utility easement at sites along Liggett Road, Post Road and Avery Muirfield Drive. The appropriations are associated with construction of the U.S. Route 33 and Post Road interchange, expected to start after the Memorial Tournament.

Council unanimously appointed Richard Taylor to a four-year term serving on the planning and zoning commission.

Council accepted a $15,000 donation from OCLC for construction of the veterans project.