Chris Carlisle's basketball coaching résumé, until recently, had not included any head coaching experience, but to infer that he lacks experience would be a major misstep.

Chris Carlisle's basketball coaching résumé, until recently, had not included any head coaching experience, but to infer that he lacks experience would be a major misstep.

Carlisle has as deep of a background coaching basketball as virtually any coach in the area, which should bode well for Dublin Jerome High School as Carlisle moves from his familiar role as an assistant to the head coaching position. Carlisle, who has nearly 30 years under his belt as an assistant at various levels, takes over the program from Joe Bline, who left after one season to take a job as athletics director at St. Marys Memorial.

For Carlisle, who played a significant role in coaching last year's Jerome team to a 16-6 record and the OCC-Cardinal Division title, the transition from assistant to head coach should be difficult only in the sense that he'll be dotting a lot more i's and crossing a lot more t's.

"It's just the amount of paperwork that goes with those jobs, as far as making sure all the emergency medical forms are in, the physical forms are in, and all the paperwork that needs to be done," Carlisle said. "As a varsity assistant, it was easy for me because coach Bline let me run the offense and defense and he took care of all that stuff. Now I've got to pick up some of those responsibilities."

Bline came from Johnstown, where he was head coach with Carlisle as his assistant for the previous four seasons. He led Jerome to its best record in four seasons since the school opened. Jerome was 16-6 overall and won the OCC-Cardinal title at 8-2. The Celtics also won the program's first two postseason games before falling to third-seeded Zanesville 64-52 in a Division I district semifinal.

When Bline left, it didn't take long for athletics director Nick Magistrale to select Carlisle as the man to replace him. His considerable experience, including 21 years at Otterbein, played a major role in his decision to recommend Carlisle to the board in early May.

"I think the biggest reasons were his vast experience and knowledge of the game," Magistrale said. "He's been coaching basketball at Otterbein and Johnstown and Dublin Jerome for over 25 years, and that's a lot of coaching knowledge. Our boys, our success last year with coach Bline, a lot of the credit for last season goes to Chris, and our other assistants, Stan Zody and Jason Crawford at the junior varsity level."

Carlisle, an Otterbein graduate, worked with the basketball team as a team manager during his time in school, and he took a job as an assistant after graduating. He coached there under Dick Reynolds from 1980 until 2001 before taking a year away from coaching. He then took a position as an assistant at Johnstown under coach John Denen for the 2002-03 season.

When Denen left to take a job at Circleville, Johnstown passed on Carlisle and hired Bline. Carlisle stayed on as an assistant and also took over as head coach of the boys golf team, which he led to three consecutive Mid-Buckeye Conference titles and the Division III state championship in 2006.

After four successful years with the Johnstown basketball team, Carlisle followed Bline to Jerome as an assistant, though Carlisle has continued to teach and coach golf at Johnstown.

The deciding factor for Bline leaving Jerome was the fact that he was unable to get a teaching position in Dublin because of budget cuts in the school system. Carlisle, who lives in Westerville, knows there is no guarantee he will be able to find a job in Dublin Schools in the near future either.

"(Principal) Cathy Sankey and Nick Magistrale have been very forthright with me in explaining the economics of the situation in Dublin," Carlisle said. "There's not going to be a job available at this present time for me. I understood that at the time when I talked to them about the job. We're going to make it work, because I have the best coaching staff that you can possibly have."

Zody will remain as the junior varsity coach and Crawford will remain as the freshman coach. Carlisle has added Alan Keesee to the varsity staff. Zody and Crawford both have experience as head coaches at the high school level, and Keesee has been an assistant at several colleges, including Wittenberg, Austin-Peay, Bluffton and Ashland. He also was an interim head coach at Bluffton.

Next season at Jerome, Carlisle will have to deal with the graduation of four players who all started or played significant minutes. The top expected returnees are senior forward Steven Harrell and senior center Neil Johnson, with a few other players also returning with some experience.

Last season, Jerome transformed from a methodical, defensive-minded team to an up-tempo, high-scoring squad, and Carlisle doesn't expect that to change.

"That's all I know. That's what I implemented last year, so we're going to continue on with that," Carlisle said. "We're going to tweak it a little bit. Obviously, your talent will dictate a little bit of what you can and can't do. You obviously look at your talent and try to put them in positions where they can succeed."