Dublin City Manager Jane Brautigam is a finalist for the city manager's job in Boulder, Colo.

Dublin City Manager Jane Brautigam is a finalist for the city manager's job in Boulder, Colo.

"I was recruited for this position," she said. "I received a contact from the recruiter in mid-June and I had to think a lot about whether I should apply because I love my job and I love Dublin."

Brautigam has spent the majority of her career in Colorado. She worked with various municipalities for 25 years, and served as city attorney and city manager for Loveland, Colo., before moving to Dublin.

The job in Boulder would move Brautigam closer to family. She has a daughter working as a city planner in Aspen, Colo., and a son who is completing his doctorate in California.

Brautigam said Boulder has many similarities to Dublin, including a program for economic vitality and caring about environmental sustainability. Other initiatives by the city include its focus on social sustainability and creating affordable housing.

Brautigam said she has learned a lot working in Dublin the last six years.

"The job of city manager in Dublin is a very intense one," she said. "There are a lot of opportunities to make a difference and I have grown a lot as city manager here and I've loved it."

Brautigam has a total annual compensation package of $189,318.07. During her tenure in the city, she has led a number of directives focusing on environmental sustainability, economic development and building regional partnerships.

"I think under her leadership there are several things Dublin has really benefited from," said Mayor Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher. "Certainly one of them is her attention to moving forward our interest in regional engagement."

The mayor cited Brautigam's initiation of monthly meetings of city managers and mayors in central Ohio, the U.S. 33 corridor committee and working with staff to set up and further the development of the Central Ohio Innovation Center.

While Chinnici-Zuercher was surprised to hear the news, she wasn't surprised Brautigam was recruited.

"She has demonstrated sound leadership while she has been a city manger here," Chinnici-Zuercher said. "The challenge anyone has, particularly municipalities, when you have a highly talented person they are going to be sought after. This is the way searches work. They look for someone who is known to have characteristics and leadership skills and experience in similar communities or communities that have dealt with similar issues they will be dealing with in the future."

Boulder City Council selected seven finalists to interview for the city manager position vacated by Frank Bruno in June.ĘBesides Brautigam, finalists include James Antonen, former city manager of Davis, Calif.; Thomas Barwin, village manager of Oak Park, Ill.; David Knapp, city manager of Cupertino, Calif.; Robert LaSala, former city manager of Lancaster, Calif.; Marsha Segal-George, general administrator for Orlando, Fla.; and Roger Storey, former deputy city manager of Stockton, Calif.

The seven finalists will visit Boulder from Aug. 7-9 and participate in a public reception, a presentation to city council and interviews by city staff and council. A selection should be made at this time, according to information from Boulder.

"It would be a very heartachy experience if I were to leave," Brautigam said. "This has been a great position with great people to work with and a very supportive council."