Republican incumbent Andrew Brenner and Democratic candidate Julie Houston are vying for Delaware County Recorder Nov. 4.

Republican incumbent Andrew Brenner and Democratic candidate Julie Houston are vying for Delaware County Recorder Nov. 4.

The recorder's office is responsible for all real estate and personal property records for the county, the recorder's Web site said. Those records include deeds, mortgages, liens, land contracts, plats and zoning resolutions. The office also keeps records of military service discharges.


Andrew Brenner, 37, lives at 102 W. Lincoln Ave., Delaware. He is a Delaware County native and grew up in Kingston Township. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ohio State University.

He has served as county recorder since January 2005, following a successful run for the office in November 2004. He earlier worked 11 years in the mortgage industry.

He said he is seeking re-election to continue modernizing and reforming the recorder's office.

During his tenure, Brenner said he has been able to trim the office's budget by eliminating two staff positions and putting out for competitive bid the computerized indexing and recording system that the county uses.

"(Going to bid) hadn't been done in 15 years," Brenner said. "By doing so, we cut the cost of the system by 36 percent."

The budget in 2004, prior to Brenner's taking office, was larger by the 2008 budget by $43,000, Brenner said.

Records show the 2004 budget to be $391,544 and the projected 2008 budget to be $347,953.

Brenner also has focused on security issues, including masking Social Security Numbers that appear on mortgage documents and working on developing an emergency plan that will allow the office to quickly resume operations after a disaster.

"One of my concerns is disaster recovery," he said. "We didn't have a plan for what would happen if county government collapsed. I've worked with EMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) and we're developing a plan. I don't want to see what happened in New Orleans happen here -- where the parishes couldn't process documents for months."


Democratic candidate Julie Houston, 55, lives at 168 Grandview Ave., Delaware. She has lived in the county since 1963. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Otterbein College.

Houston said her current occupation is full-time candidate, adding that her employment history provides her with experience needed for the job.

For 13 years, she worked at the in Ohio Wesleyan University's library. She managed the government documents collection. Her tasks at the library relate to those of the recorder's office, she said.

"Both jobs have to do with managing the organization of information and serving the public and retrieving that information," she said.

Her seven years as a small business owner in downtown Delaware provided her with experience in management of an organization's finances and staff, she said.

"Primarily the budget and cash-flow planning was my job," Houston said. "When you are spending your own money to invest in your business, you think very hard about spending it."

The reason for her candidacy is to bring bipartisanship to county offices, she said.

"I got involved because I wanted to increase bipartisanship in county government and offer voters a choice," Houston said.

"When I looked at the offices that were available, I saw that I was highly qualified for the office of recorder.

"The one-party rule is not serving this county well," Houston said.