A replacement has been found for the vacant La Tavola site in the Dublin area.

A replacement has been found for the vacant La Tavola site in the Dublin area.

Mike Tibbetts, a partner in Tucci's, Oscar's and Brazenhead in Historic Dublin, will open a Mexican restaurant in the 3,980-square-foot storefront, 6125 Riverside Drive.

A mid-June opening is planned for Cabo, meaning cape in Spanish. The restaurant will specialize in scratch-made south of the border fare, Tibbetts said.

"Really, the inspiration was, we really love making this food, so let's build the restaurant around it," he said.

He said the food will be familiar and inexpensive with a few distinct touches.

"I like to call them pleasant surprises," he said.

While much of the menu is still being finalized, the place will feature a salsa bar, a wide selection of tacos and other fare found in many of the region's Mexican restaurants. The prices will be competitive, he said.

Jack Eggspuehler, one of the founding partners in the Historic Dublin trio of restaurants, is an investor in Cabo. In addition, chefs Jeff Headley and Pat Klinker, the former of Tucci's and the latter of Oscar's, will help develop the menu and be part of the restaurant, Tibbetts said. Sarah McGarvey has been named general manager.

The location has had a foreboding history, as three previous restaurants that operated there went out of business. Tibbetts said he's somewhat cautious, but encouraged by its high visibility and solid traffic counts.

"It's a beautiful facility. And there's been a lack of consistency," he said. "We're going to go in there and revamp, clean up and modernize."