Dublin's theme for next year's bicentennial, "200 years. One community. Endless possibilities," could hint at what's to come.

The city's theme for next year's bicentennial, "200 years. One community. Endless possibilities," could hint at what's to come.

Although the city is taking point on 2010 bicentennial celebrations, Dublin officials are hoping the entire community gets involved.

"It's not really a city thing. We look at it as a community-wide celebration," said city spokesman David Ball. "We're hoping organizations take pieces of this and celebrate the bicentennial in their own ways. ... It's really about the Dublin community. The city will work as an umbrella for all activities."

The latest bicentennial project to get the city's attention is a storytellers series that will air on Dublin's TV station and online.

The city started the taping last week, Ball said.

"What we're doing is we looked at individuals who have played a significant role in Dublin's history and making Dublin what it is today," he said.

The city will interview 50 to 55 storytellers.

"We looked at folks who have lived their entire lives in the community. We looked at people who were heavily involved in the late 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s who planned the development of the town. We're including some of those folks and mayors, planning commission members," Ball said. "There are going to be local businesspeople who were key in helping Dublin become what it is today."

The city set out to record Dublin's history, but the project could turn out to be more of a documentary, Ball said.

"We're discovering stuff now," he said. "It's an interesting experiment."

The city also will celebrate its 200th birthday next year by giving annual events a bicentennial twist. According to information from the city, the first bicentennial event will be the state of the city address in March. The Independence Day parade and Christmas tree lighting also will help ring in the bicentennial next year.

Dublin organizations also will get into the celebration, as seven projects or events received funding from the city for the bicentennial. Funding winners include Heritage Day, the Emerald Celebration -- formerly known as the Emerald Ball -- and an outdoor drama on Chief Leatherlips that will be done by Dublin City Schools.

The city also is working with the Dublin Arts Council to commission a bicentennial-themed art in public places project that will be installed at the Karrer Barn next year.

For more information on bicentennial celebrations, go online to dublin.oh.us/200.