Coffman High School senior Kasun Waidyaratne has accomplished what few others have managed to do.

Coffman High School senior Kasun Waidyaratne has accomplished what few others have managed to do.

He achieved a perfect score of 36 on the ACT while also scoring 2,290 on the SAT. A perfect score on the SAT was previously 1,600, but a writing section was recently added.

According to the ACT Web site, more than 1.4-million students took the test in 2009, and 638 achieved a score of 36.

Information from the SAT Web site said more than 1.5-million students in the class of 2009 took the test and 297 received a perfect score of 2,400. More than 63,000 students scored between 700 and 800 on the new writing section, and 222,173 scored between 600 and 690.

Waidyaratne is humble about his achievement, noting that his SAT score isn't perfect.

"The old SAT consisted of the math and critical reading sections, each worth 800 points," he said. "The new SAT consists of those two sections and an additional writing section, also worth 800 points. I only got 800 out of 800 on the math and critical reading sections. I did not get 800 out of 800 on the new SAT writing section."

He scored 690 out of 800 on the writing section.

Waidyaratne, who took the SAT last January and the ACT in April, said he took some practice tests before the college assessment tests.

"I don't remember exactly how many practice tests I took, but I took at least four or five in the sections I had trouble with," he said.

Despite the high scores, Waidyaratne said there were some challenges to the tests.

"These tests do not require the memorization of facts or dates -- all the answers can be found right in the test booklet," he said. "In my opinion, half the battle is comprehending everything on the page."

The senior, who is involved in the National Honor Society, quiz team, math team and physics club at Coffman High School, said he was happy with his scores.

"By the time I got my scores, I couldn't remember if I thought I did well enough to get these scores when I took the test, but I was pleased that I met the goals I set for myself," he said.

As for future plans, Waidyaratne is still looking at his options.

"I am still working on applications," he said. "I am considering (Ohio State University), MIT and others."

Until then, the Coffman senior said he will enjoy his final year of high school through his extra-curricular activities, playing piano and hanging out with friends.