Class is in session for the Dublin Irish Festival on Aug. 6.

Class is in session for the Dublin Irish Festival on Aug. 6.

The Dublin Irish Festival Academy will return for its sixth year to offer a deeper look into some of the Irish arts.

Eight classes ranging from Irish instruments and language to songwriting and heritage will be taught by entertainers that will grace the stage of this year's Dublin Irish Festival from Aug. 6 to 8.

Dublin community-relations specialist Mary Jo DiSalvo said the classes range each year and offer an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.

"The classes are planned by the entertainment committee," she said. "When they're booking bands, they look at who might be interested in teaching class. It's all part of a bigger vision."

Class sizes are mostly small and are limited to 12, which lends to a personal experience, DiSalvo said.

"We deliberately set them small. This is personalized instruction they couldn't get anywhere," she said. "It's a very intense introduction or intense amount of instruction they're getting in a short time. It's small and personal. If there were a larger class that would not happen. You wouldn't get that one-on-one interaction."

Classes are as follows:

Uillean Pipes, also known as the bagpipes, taught by Cillian Vallely, a member of the band, Lunasa. The class is $60 and will take 12 students.

Beginning bodhran, with Michael Vignoles. Vignoles, an instrument maker, will teach a class of 12 how to play the Irish frame drum. Bodhrans will be provided, and the class is $50.

Raghan Crow will teach Irish language to a class of 12. Students will learn basics of the language from Crow, the founding president of the Gaelic League of Central Ohio. The class is $50.

Genealogy and family history will be taught by Michael O'Laughlin. The class of 12 will have an opportunity to learn about Irish names, origins and bloodlines. Students also will record a Podcast on their Irish family on site. The class is $50.

Tommy Sands, singer of County Downs, will teach "Peace & the Artists, a Songwriter's Journey." The class is $50 and will take 30 students. Advanced Flute will be taught by Kevin Crawford, a Lunasa band member. The class is $60 and will take 12 students. Advanced Irish fiddle will be taught by Winnie Horan, a member of the Irish band, Solas. Horan has classic and traditional backgrounds for playing the violin. The class is $60 and will take 12 students. Seamus Egan, a member Solas, will teach Irish tenor banjo. The class is $60 and will take 12 students.

Academy classes are open to students ages 12 and older and will be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 600 Metro Place North.

Classes will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with an hour break for lunch. The class fees include Friday admission to the Dublin Irish Festival.