From archery and cycling to judo and tennis, Dublin will have it all Aug. 15-21.

From archery and cycling to judo and tennis, Dublin will have it all Aug. 15-21.

The city will host hordes of police officers and firefighters from all over the world testing their athletic prowess next month at the Can-Am Police-Fire Games.

Josh Bricker, director of the games, said the goal is to draw 2,000 to compete in 48 different events. Competitors registered thus far hail from 38 different states and nine countries and range in age from 22 to 77.

"What the games are really about is to create camaraderie around police, firefighters and medics," Bricker said.

The games, however, will carry an air of competition and run the gamut. Competitions range from the usual basketball, baseball, soccer and softball to billiards, pistol shooting, skyscraper climbing and K9 competitions. The games will be held all over Dublin and central Ohio.

"Anything we can hold in Dublin we are," Bricker said. "But some things we can't do in Dublin. We have no shooting range, so we'll go to Black Wing (Shooting Center) in Delaware for shooting. ... We're having Texas Hold'Em at Crowne (Plaza). The toughest-firefighter-alive competition will be held at the Washington Township administration building."

Facilities in London will be used for the SWAT competition, and the triathlon will be held in Springfield. Bricker said another triathlon already is being held in Springfield that weekend, so using the set-up course made things much easier.

Dublin City Schools are being used, as well as Coffman Park, for several events and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Bricker said finding locations for 48 different events wasn't too tough.

"Everybody has been great," he said. "With several, fees were waived or very nominal. Everyone is extending an invitation. It's just a way they can thank police and firefighters."

Competitors must pay an entry fee, but Bricker said the proceeds would benefit two organizations: Get Behind the Badge and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Get Behind the Badge is a nonprofit group that provides financial assistance to the families of fatally and critically injured police officers and firefighters.

With 2,000 expected for the games, several volunteers are needed to help with registration, scoring and other chores.

"We're still taking volunteers," Bricker said. "But we've had an amazing response."

Dublin's volunteer coordinator, Christine Nardecchia, is on loan from the city and helping organize volunteers. Bricker said about 300 volunteers would be needed. For details, visit volunteer.

Bricker said most volunteers already recruited are local.

"The majority of our volunteers are Dublin police and Washington Township firefighters," he said.

The Can-Am Police-Fire Games will kick off with an opening ceremony from 5 to 9 p.m. Aug. 15 in Coffman Park. The ceremony is free and open to the public. According to Bricker, it will be geared to families.

Games will be held until Aug. 21 and are free and open to the public, with the exception of the SWAT competition.

The event will wrap up with closing ceremonies from 6 p.m. to midnight Aug. 21 in Coffman Park. The closing ceremony is open to the public, but admission is $10. Proceeds will benefit Get Behind the Badge.

For more information or a complete schedule of events, visit