Dublin is casting a dissenting vote for SWACO's plan to raise dumping fees in 2011 and 2012.

Dublin is casting a dissenting vote for SWACO's plan to raise dumping fees in 2011 and 2012.

City staff members gave Dublin City Council members a rundown on the rate increase and a recommendation during Monday's council meeting.

Dana McDaniel, deputy city manager and economic development director, told council members about the $3-per-ton increase in 2011 and additional $3-per-ton increase in 2012 that are expected to generate an additional $2.7-million in 2011 and $5.4-million in 2012 for the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio.

The increases are estimated to cost Dublin an additional $32,000 in 2011 and $72,000 in 2012 if the SWACO board approves the measure this week, McDaniel told council.

SWACO is proposing the increases to rebuild the Morse Road transfer station, eliminate debt financing of short-term capital needs such as trucks, to repay financing for future work needed to improve the landfill and to increase cash reserves.

Although the other needs were deemed appropriate, McDaniel said, Dublin should not have to pay for $8-million in improvements to the Morse Road transfer facility that the city does not use; the facility's users should pay, he said.

McDaniel recommended that the city vote against the increase but send a letter voicing Dublin's support of the 2011 increase, but not the 2012 increase. Council approved his recommendation.

Ron Mills, executive director of SWACO, told ThisWeek that as of Monday morning (Sept. 27), 23 communities had voted in favor of the Solid Waste Rate Advisory Board approving the increases; 41 communities are on the board.

All community votes are due by Tuesday, Sept. 28, and the SWACO board of trustees is slated to vote on the increase Sept. 29. If more than half of the communities dissent, a supermajority of the SWACO trustees - seven out of nine - would be needed to override their dissent.

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