Washington Township firefighters will allow a sneak peek into their lives this weekend.

Washington Township firefighters will allow a sneak peek into their lives this weekend.

All four Washington Township fire stations will host an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday in honor of fire prevention week.

While games, food and tours will be at each of Washington Township's fire stations, fire safety inspector Bob Westbrook said each open house will give the public a peek into the many responsibilities of firefighters.

"Firefighters are highly skilled clinicians in a lot of different things," he said, adding that firefighters must have skills to deal with hazardous materials and perform as medics, rescue divers and more. "Today's firefighter in comparison with years gone by there's no more sitting around playing pinochle. The training is astronomical."

Open house activities this year will be a little different from years past.

"We're really excited," Westbrook said. "We're doing a lot of new and different things this year."

At Station 91, 6255 Shier Rings Road, Westbrook said people can use a fire extinguisher on a "live fire.

"We use it to train a lot of the local businesses," he said. "Along with that, because we want to practice what we preach, we'll give away some fire extinguishers."

Children can also see what its like to crawl out of a building that's on fire, with the smoke tunnel that was constructed out of wood and sheets by Washington Township firefighters.

Other activities include a demonstration of how residential sprinklers work. Westbrook said the demonstration will show how a fire acts in a regular residence and in a residence with sprinklers.

At Station 92, 4497 Hard Road, the public can get a look at the inner workings of a smoke alarm. Westbrook said he built the "world's largest smoke detector to show people how it works. It's as big as an 18-wheeler tire."

The station will also show a demonstration of "mechanical advantage" often used to rescue people who fall. According to Westbrook, visitors can use a system of pulleys and ropes to move a fire truck.

Station 93, 5825 Brand Road, will feature a puppet show for children on escape drills, Sparky's Safety House and an auto extraction demonstration.

Station 93 also hosts the township's 9-11 memorial.

"You can touch a piece of steel from the World Trade Center," Westbrook said. "It's another neat thing to come and check out. When you see it all twisted, it really gives you a sense of magnitude of the fire power those towers came down with."

At Station 95, 5750 Blazer Parkway, which is Washington Township's fire station in a water tower, people can hunt for home hazards and receive a prize.

All stations will have balloons, hot dogs, popcorn, safety information, a water target game and tours.

"It's a really busy, busy day," Westbrook said. "We're excited about getting the word out about fire safety."