Kroger soon will construct a fuel station for its Avery Square customers.

Kroger soon will construct a fuel station for its Avery Square customers.

Avery Square owner Casto and The Kroger Co. on Oct. 25 received approval from Dublin City Council on rezoning to allow a five-pump fuel station on the southeast corner of the property.

The approval also came with a few improvements to the entire development.

During the first hearing of the rezoning Oct. 11, council members expressed concerns about traffic congestion within the development, a lack of bicycle paths, architectural elements of the fuel station and an outparcel planned for space near the Tim Hortons and Wendy's restaurants.

Dublin planner Claudia Husak told council members the applicant met with city staff to address those concerns.

Husak told council members the applicant has agreed to seek council's final approval on a planned outparcel, and architectural elements of the fuel station were modified to council's suggestion.

Bike racks, crosswalks and sharrows that remind drivers to share the road with cyclists also were added throughout the development to promote a more bicycle-friendly environment. Husak said the crosswalks were placed in areas that will get cyclists to bike racks in the development.

To address concerns over traffic generated by Tim Hortons and Wendy's around breakfast and lunchtime, Casto agreed to add a right-turn lane near the restaurants to help traffic flow.

"Also what we thought we should have caught sooner but didn't was the Wendy's stacking," Casto representative Eric Lebowitz said. "I feel like we've addressed all five (concerns)."

During the previous meeting, council members said serious stacking problems at the restaurants disrupted traffic in the development.

According to the staff report given to council, the addition of a right-turn lane will "provide for a much longer approach to the Wendy's/Tim Hortons restaurant than what currently is in place. The applicant has revised the plans to include a dedicated eastbound, right-turn lane for Wendy's/Tim Hortons to separate stacked vehicles from vehicles traveling through the site. This will allow drivers not visiting the restaurant to bypass vehicles waiting for drive-thru (sic) service."

Council member Cathy Boring said she wasn't satisfied with the process for approval of the outparcel and voted against the rezoning. Vice Mayor Amy Salay also voted against the ordinance.

The rezoning and preliminary development plan for Avery Square was approved 5-2.