Slips and falls on the deck of the leisure pool at the Dublin Community Recreation Center have prompted $97,000 in improvements.

Slips and falls on the deck of the leisure pool at the Dublin Community Recreation Center have prompted $97,000 in improvements.

Dublin City Council approved improvements to the deck of the leisure pool Feb. 14. The work will be completed this month, said Michelle Crandall, director of administrative services.

"We've identified a solution the best solution for the surface material at the leisure pool," she told council last week.

The pool will be closed from Feb. 28 to March 14 for the improvements.

The recreation center has received complaints about the safety of the deck around the pool and placed mats where the most slips and falls were reported. This temporarily resolved the problem.

A report by consultants Moody-Nolan Inc. said most slips and falls in the area were caused by the shape and size of the tiles, glaze finish on tiles, strollers and wagons that track in oil and not enough enforcement of the no-running rule.

According to Crandall, city staff found a nonporous surface called Aqua-Flex that bonds directly to the surface of the tiles. Staff members visited two sites where the surface is used and found that people were "pleased," the staff report said.

"Subsequent to the installation of Aqua-Flex in the spring of 2010, no slip or fall incidents have occurred and they have been pleased with the product in terms of aesthetics and ease of care/ cleaning," the report said.

Crandall noted the product has a "slip-reducing factor, chemical resistance," is softer, easy to clean and is made from at least 20-percent recycled material.

Only one company installs the surface, which will be applied directly to the tiles around the leisure pool. The job is expected to cost the city $97,500 and includes a three-year warranty.

The 2011 Capital Improvement Plan has $20,000 set aside to deal with this issue and "staff will evaluate and reprioritize budgeted projects and use existing funds to complete this project," the staff report said.

With council's unanimous approval, the work is expected to start Feb. 28 and although Crandall initially anticipated a short closure, public information officer Megan Canavan said the pool will be closed until March 14 "to ensure we have enough time to put it over the tile."

The Arthritis Foundation, Teen Water Fitness and Water Walking classes will not be held during the closure.

The competitive pool will not get this treatment. Crandall told council members they have not seen the same problems there.