Dublin City Council has approved more than $500,000 in improvements to Historic Dublin crosswalks.

Dublin City Council has approved more than $500,000 in improvements to Historic Dublin crosswalks.

City officials have been looking into safety improvements at pedestrian crosswalks around the historic district since a traffic accident that resulted in the death of a pedestrian at the North High and North streets intersection late last year. The improvements that council approved March 28 include curb bulbs that extend into the street, increased signage and lighting and crosswalks highlighted by colored asphalt treatment.

City Manager Marsha Grigsby said the recommended improvements for Historic Dublin crosswalks "provide consistency for pedestrians."

At the North High and North Street crosswalk, where pedestrian Stephanie Auer was struck and killed by a vehicle in late December, curb bulbs were approved on the east and west sides of the road south of the intersection and on the west side of the road north of the intersection. According to the staff report, the curb bulbs replace pavement with grass and sidewalk, narrowing the road.

Engineering manager Jean-Ellen Willis told council the curb bulbs would affect pedestrians and vehicles.

"What that effectively gets us is a significantly reduced pedestrian crossing of 25 feet," she said, adding that pedestrians currently have to cross 42 feet of pavement.

The curb bulbs also narrow the road for vehicles.

"Making it tighter will slow vehicles," Willis said.

Curb bulbs also were approved for both sides of South High Street, at the Spring Hill Lane crosswalk, for $34,000.

Other approvals were for additional overhead lights and signs for crosswalks on North High Street at North Street, Bridge Street at Darby Street and South High Street at Spring Hill Lane. Street prints, which color the asphalt in crosswalks to make it more visible to pedestrians and drivers, were approved for the North High-North Street crosswalk, the Bridge Street-High Street crosswalk and the Bridge Street crosswalk at Indian Run Elementary School.

Willis said the entire improvement package would cost $511,000 to $540,000.

Council member John Reiner asked about fast-traveling traffic southbound on North High Street into Historic Dublin. "I just wonder if we aren't missing something," he said, to notify drivers "that three blocks down the road" they'll be entering an area with pedestrians.

Willis said engineering officials had looked at installing a driver feedback sign that would gauge the speed of the drivers and tell them to slow down if needed.

After the other improvements are installed, Willis said, engineering staff will analyze the area to see if the sign, expected to cost $14,000, is needed.

The city also is continuing to look into in-pavement lighting, which is estimated to cost about $29,000 at each intersection.