Dublin's interim police chief is now permanent.

Dublin's interim police chief is now permanent.

City Manager Marsha Grigsby appointed Heinz von Eckartsberg as chief of police during the March 28 city council meeting.

After the departure of former police chief Mike Epperson in August, von Eckartsberg was appointed interim chief.

"I am pleased to report that since his appointment as interim chief of police, Lt. von Eckartsberg has demonstrated the leadership and technical competence to function at a high level in this role," Grigsby said in a memo to council. "His performance over the past seven months has exceeded the high expectations customarily associated with this role in our organization."

Grigsby said the city had conducted an internal assessment on von Eckartsberg prior to making the appointment.

"Upon review and evaluation, I think it's in the best interest of the city to appoint Heinz as the new chief of police," she said, adding that an additional assessment done by an independent contractor had given von Eckartsberg a score of 97.25 out of 100.

When compared to other chiefs the contractor had assessed, von Eckartsberg "performed higher than any other candidates," Grigsby said.

von Eckartsberg's base salary will be $110,413 as police chief. His compensation package is $113,063, which includes longevity pay, uniform allowance and a take-home vehicle. That amount doesn't include insurance benefits. City officials said they couldn't provide a dollar figure for von Eckartsberg's insurance coverage but that it's on par with other city employees.

Public-information officer Megan Canavan said human resources "does not assign a number to employees. We do not have employee premiums."

von Eckartsberg said he's ready to continue serving as chief.

"I'm very confident and very excited for this position," von Eckartsberg told council.

He has been with the Dublin Division of Police since 1983 and has served as patrol officer, patrol sergeant, operations commander, services bureau commander and lieutenant.

"Lt. von Eckartsberg has spent his entire law-enforcement career in service to the city of Dublin, which has provided him a comprehensive understanding of Dublin's history and culture," Grigsby said. "Lt. von Eckartsberg truly understands the public-safety needs of the community and has demonstrated his commitment to meeting and exceeding those needs and expectations."

The community should expect the same level of service under his leadership, von Eckartsberg said.

"Basically, as a police department, our focus is community and making sure we provide the highest level of service to the community," he said.

An official swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. April 6 at the Justice Center, 6565 Commerce Parkway. von Eckartsberg lives in Dublin with his wife, Debby, and three children.