Parking problems in Historic Dublin are discussed often, but a recent study found one parking lot often sits empty.

Parking problems in Historic Dublin are discussed often, but a recent study found one parking lot often sits empty.

Dublin City Council on April 25 heard the results of a monthslong study (see related story below) on parking in the historic district, surveying visitors, businesses and other details.

"We approached upwards of 800 people (for the study)," said Steve Langworthy, director of land-use and long-range planning.

After talking to visitors, surveying businesses and their employees, monitoring parking lots and use of parking, Langworthy said, 1,324 parking spots were found in Historic Dublin that "should be sufficient to meet the parking demand. We use roughly half of the parking supply, but that doesn't tell the whole story."

Despite "sufficient" parking, only 27 percent of the spaces is public. The remaining 73 percent is private, Langworthy said.

"The city's consultant recommends that at least 50 percent of the parking supply be publicly controlled," the findings said.

According to Langworthy, more available parking spots would mean Historic Dublin visitors could park once and walk to all of their destinations rather than moving their vehicles from business to business.

The study also found that although the town center lots near Starbucks and the Darby Center lot receive the lion's share of use, the Indian Run parking lot by the Indian Run Elementary School sits empty.

"The lack of knowledge of the Indian Run lot was a surprise to us," Langworthy said. "We need to make sure people understand where parking is available and when they can use it."

Parking garages and on-street parking for Historic Dublin have been discussed in the past, Langworthy said, but with the Indian Run lot often sitting empty, more parking is not needed.

The Indian Run lot is the city-owned parking lot on the west side of the library and north of the Indian Run Elementary School parking lot.

The lot needs improvements and acknowledgement, Langworthy said.

Langworthy suggested improvements to the Indian Run parking lot. Such improvements would include a pedestrian path from the parking lot to North High Street that could run in front of the library's parking lot and better or additional lighting for pedestrians in the parking lot.

Additional signs leading visitors to the Indian Run lot were recommended. Langworthy said few signs point the way to the seldom-used parking lot.

Langworthy also recommended repainting the parking lot's stripes and sending mailers to Historic Dublin merchants and employees to make sure they know the Indian Run lot is available for parking.