Slightly fewer than 1,000 Dublin seniors will graduate May 28.

Slightly fewer than 1,000 Dublin seniors will graduate May 28.

Commencement for Dublin's class of 2011 will be held at the Schottenstein Center, with Coffman students graduating at 10 a.m., Jerome at 1 p.m. and Scioto at 4 p.m.

Coffman High School

The Coffman class of 2011 has 72 valedictorians with a grade-point average of 4.1 or higher. Ninety-eight students are graduating summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, 60 magna cum laude with a 3.75 to 3.99 GPA and 82 cum laude with 3.5 to 3.74 GPA.

At graduation, 204 students will receive honors diplomas, and 250 will get awards of merit. President's Education Awards will be given to 160 Coffman graduates.

According to information from the school, 228 students reported receiving 656 scholarships.

Seniors Daniel Hethcox and Christopher Kanner received perfect ACT scores of 36.

Elaine Rood was awarded a National Merit Nationwide Foundation Scholarship.

Coffman's National Merit Scholarship finalists are Christopher Deakin, Jessica Fusco, Peter Gooch, Hethcox, Kanner, Elaine Rood and Jimmy Yi.

Coffman's National Merit commended students are Adam Davidson, Andrew Eiterman, Margaret Helmreich, Denise Hung, Sarah Mayo, Peter Neidecker, Katlyn Patton, Daniel Pfister, Lucas Rose, Allen Sanderlin, Yekaterina Shulgina, Adam Stafford and Charles Xu.

Joshua Farr and Anthony Goliver received military appointments to the Naval Academy, and Ryan Borcherding will attend the Air Force Academy.

Coffman reports one AP scholar with distinction, 11 AP scholars with honor and 33 AP scholars.

Jerome High School

Jerome's class of 2011 has 46 valedictorians.

According to information from the school, 63 students will graduate summa cum laude, 50 magna cum laude and 50 cum laude.

At graduation, Jerome will hand out 137 honors diplomas, 176 awards of merit and 110 President's Education Awards.

At Jerome, 91 students reported receiving 239 scholarships.

Vinay Balaji received an AEP National Merit Scholarship. Haoqing Wang and Vivian Wang were awarded a National Merit Scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corp.

Jerome's National Merit finalists are Laya Anasu, Balaji, Emma Barber, Sung Hyun Park, Haoqing Wang and Vivian Wang.

National Merit commended students were Glen Auker, Dylan Bram, Evan Campbell, Ryan Donnelly, Leo Shea, Ashley Smith, Lydia Utkin, Christine Walsh and Audrey White.

Evan Campbell was named a National Merit Hispanic scholar.

Jerome High School reported 10 National AP scholars. Six seniors were named AP scholars with distinction, six were named AP scholars with honor, and three named AP scholars.

Scioto High School

Scioto reported the class of 2011 has 39 valedictorians.

The class of 2011 will have 49 seniors graduating summa cum laude, 30 graduating magna cum laude and 30 cum laude.

At graduation, 82 honors diplomas will be handed out, 126 students will get awards of merit, and 76 students will receive President's Education Awards.

Senior Eric Foreman is the National Achievement Scholarship Program recipient.

Scioto's National Merit commended students are Katherine Chenevey, Christopher Ebersole, Kruti Gandhi, Suhas Gudhe, Meredith Haddix, Jessica Hruschak, Rebekah Lee and Samuel Ming.

Scioto High School reported six AP scholars with distinction, eight AP scholars with honors and 17 AP scholars.

Each school also reported numerous academic, athletic and artistic achievements, in addition to philanthropic work.