Cuts to positions in Dublin City School's central office are expected to save the district $1.9 million over the next two years.

Cuts to positions in Dublin City School's central office are expected to save the district $1.9 million over the next two years.

During a Dublin Board of Education meeting Jan. 25, Superintendent David Axner outlined the elimination of nine positions in the central office that will help the district meet its goal of cutting $7.1 million over the next two years.

The district has been eying reductions since voters rejected a 7.2-mill operating levy and $25-million bond issue last November.

According to Axner, when examining positions in the central office - which handles administrative duties throughout the district - upcoming retirements and resignations, reassignments and the downgrading of some positions were considered.

"It is a blow to the central office," he said. "Every single department in this building took a piece of this and will do more."

Some of the positions included in the cuts aren't currently filled, but are in the district's budget. They'll be removed with this round of cuts, Axner said, and include the administrative assistant to the superintendent, coordinator of diversity and equity and a communications specialist position.

Other positions will be eliminated altogether.

"One of the departments hit harder than anyone is (human resources)," Axner said.

A coordinator of human resources and clerical position within the department will be cut, he said.

Also on the chopping block are a payroll clerk position, student services secretary position and two teachers on special assignment.

The elimination of the nine positions will save the district $1,865,786 over the next two years, Axner said, which is more than originally anticipated.

"With the additional amount we'll be able to save 16 teaching positions," he said. "The reductions represent a greater amount than initially expected."

The district is hoping to make further reductions by not filling positions left open by retirements or resignations, Axner said.

"We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of budget reductions on our classrooms," Axner said in a release from the district. "Every department in central office will be impacted by these cuts."

Board member Scott Melody applauded the central office for making hard decisions in the face of funding difficulties.

"It's a well-thought-out plan," he said.

The nine positions eliminated at the central office are in addition to other cuts discussed recently by the board, which include raising class sizes, changing physical education requirements and bus stops at the high school level and restructuring technology support.