Moderately Confused is serving to be a rather ironic name.

Moderately Confused is serving to be a rather ironic name.

The First Lego League robotics team from Sells Middle School went to the state and world championships last year and is planning to make another run at the state championships at Wright State University this weekend.

Thus far the team has been to competitions at Columbus State and Dublin Jerome High School, according to team member Ananya Rajagopal. At the contests, the team presents a project that solves problems that surround getting food safely to consumers and runs the robot through several challenges on a board.

Manu Singhal said he's excited to return to the state championships, especially since there will be fewer teams than last year.

"This year there are 36 teams," he said. "I think it will be more challenging and motivate us to do better."

The team is aiming to go to world championships again, said Arjun Kumar. But if they get second-place they won't be disappointed.

"This year the team that places first in everything (at state) goes to world championships and the second-place team goes to Legoland," he said. "I'd be happy with first or second - preferably second because we haven't been there yet."

Another Dublin robotics team, Mechanical Faces, also will be at the state event.

The project created by Moderately Confused has also gained some recognition.

Singhal said the team applied for a First Lego League Global Innovation Award.

"They get us to come up with ideas to help in the future," he said.

The team's idea is designed to keep contaminated meat from consumers.

The erasable bar code thought up by the team measures the temperature at which meat is stored, and if it is stored above 40 degrees for more than 2 hours, ink flows over the bar code making it unscannable at a register.

"The whole process is irreversible," Kumar said. "It prevents customers from buying bad meat."

The team's idea is one of 105 inventions on the website, Teams from all over the globe applied for the honor and 105 were chosen for voting online.

According to the website, the first-place team will work with product development and marketing experts to turn their invention into a reality. Other select teams will receive one-on-one consultations on their invention with Lego League founder Dean Kamen and Edison Nation founder Louis Foreman.

Rahul Mal said he liked coming up with a solution for this year's challenge.

"What I really like about this season is it deals with food and everyone uses food," he said.

"It's less hypothetical," Jacob Hoylman agreed.

Coach Paul Glaubitz said the team's invention also caught the attention of the Pennsylvania Food Merchant Association. During a recent practice, the team recorded their project presentation to send to the group.

"They want to show the presentation to their staff," he said.

Voting on inventions for the Global Innovation Award goes through February, Glaubitz said, and a vote for Moderately Confused's invention can be cast online at

Another Dublin team, Crazy 8's, is also competing for the innovation award with their invention, the revolving countertop. The invention deals with improper counter cleaning at supermarket checkout counters with a conveyor belt that is cleaned with a bleach-based cleaner and ultraviolet light to kills germs as it revolves.

For more information on the Crazy 8's invention, look online at fllinnovationaward.