Dublin City Schools laid off 16 teachers and abolished 46.5 teaching positions in its final round of cuts.

Dublin City Schools laid off 16 teachers and abolished 46.5 teaching positions in its final round of cuts.

The district has been working to cut $7.1 million from its budget over the next two years since voters rejected a joint $25-million bond issue and 7.2-mill operating levy in the fall.

The cuts will "meet and surpass $7.1 million for the two-year reduction plan," Superintendent David Axner told board members during a March 26 meeting.

"After the levy failed, we were talking about 100 positions (to be eliminated)," he said.

Through several retirements and resignations, the district was able to move staff around and only lay off 16 teachers.

According to Axner, nearly 90 staff members have retired or resigned so far -the normal number is about 25.

Board members this week approved 16 teacher layoffs. Axner said the staff had already been notified and layoffs were done based on seniority and subject area.

"Seniority played a part," he said. "Foreign languages, business, consumer science and physical education were the primary areas. Business got hit pretty hard."

Many of the positions were at the high school level, as the district plans to move from eight periods to seven next fall.

Axner said students won't have as much time to take elective classes, such as business.

Also on the chopping block at the March 26 meeting were 46.5 positions. Board members approved the abolishment of positions including high school language arts, math, business, family and consumer sciences, art, science, French and at the middle school level Spanish, physical education, language arts, French and social studies.

Across the elementary level, 12.5 positions were abolished.

"If someone was in the position they would have been cut," Axner said of the abolished positions. "Any position we bring back must come back to the board as an allocation."

Some teachers, however, were saved by moving into another slot vacated by a retirement or resignation.

The board also approved the reduction and abolishment of supplemental contracts for some clubs and athletics. Supplemental contracts are used to pay club and activity advisers, coaches and other positions associated with extracurricular activities.

Clubs with low participation were eliminated and several coaching positions at the middle school and high school level were reduced.

"There were lots of thoughts and discussions on this from the athletic council," Axner said.

Through the supplemental contract abolishments and reductions, the district was able to save more than $200,000, he said.

Other cuts announced this year include the reduction of nine positions at the central office, high school busing changes, reduction of field trips and technology-support teacher restructuring.

Discussion of a possible ballot issue for the fall will come in April, Axner said. At its April 10 meeting, the board will likely hear about possible bond issues and changes made since last fall. The April 25 meeting will cover options for a fall levy, Axner said.

"If we do move forward with a ballot issue, we would vote in May or the beginning of June at the latest," he said.