When a man was murdered in Dublin early this year, police arrested three suspects within 11 days.

When a man was murdered in Dublin early this year, police arrested three suspects within 11 days.

Five Dublin detectives were honored last week for their work on the case that led to three arrests in the death of Mohamed S. Hassan, 46, of Dublin.

Det. Sgt. Bill Krayer and Det. Robert Davis, Scott Davis, Evan Pridham and Eric Gilleland were given the 2012 Chief's Award of Excellence and Division Award of Merit at the May 21 Dublin City Council meeting.

"This is only the second time the award has been given," said Heinz von Eckartsberg, Dublin police chief.

The five Dublin detectives were involved in the case that began Feb. 14 when the night clerk at the Sunoco gas station, 210 W. Bridge St., was found dead after an apparent robbery.

"Working professionally in cooperation with several area agencies Dublin police detectives were able to develop enough evidence within 10 days to work three separate search warrants and arrest two of the three suspects identified in the case," von Eckartsberg said. "Within 24 hours after that the third suspect, identified as the shooter, was also taken into custody."

Austin Mackenzie Cusey, 18, Jeffery M. Collins, 22, and Eddie Murphy, 22, all of Columbus were arrested in the case.

"With all three suspects in custody detectives were able to interview each suspect and several potential witnesses, thus developing several confessions and more evidence which was instrumental in solving the homicide and related robbery," von Eckartsberg said.

The suspects arrested in the case were also connected to a Feb. 3 robbery at Max & Erma's, 411 Metro Place North in Dublin, and a break-in at the Powder Room shooting range in Powell.

Suspects allegedly stole 97 weapons from the Powder Room break-in.

"The work done by all members of the Dublin Police detective section demonstrated exceptional effort, initiative and ingenuity," von Eckartsberg said of the investigation.

"Their dedication to duty and dogged determination in solving these cases went above and beyond as demonstrated by the extremely long hours of intense work done by all, without complaint, and by their service to the city of Dublin through their success in quickly bringing to justice the perpetrators of these violent crimes."