Thanks to a new business in Historic Dublin, seeing people bear crawl or run barefoot on sidewalks might not be out of the norm.

Thanks to a new business in Historic Dublin, seeing people bear crawl or run barefoot on sidewalks might not be out of the norm.

MovNat Ohio Sustainable Fitness opened its doors last month at 54 S. High St., boasting a regimen that heavily relies on the outdoors.

MovNat also places major focus on natural movement.

Owner Lori Crock found out about MovNat from a contact in San Francisco while researching the paleolithic diet.

"I've been an athlete my whole life, but this made so much sense," she said.

Jeff Turner, who is partnering with Crock on the business, has been a personal trainer since the 1980s and worked with the Columbus Crew.

"I didn't look at it until (Lori) came back and had so many good things to say," Turner said. "It makes sense because it's all about the movement."

Movements used at MovNat include jumping, running, crawling, lifting, throwing, balancing, carrying and climbing, sometimes with a log, rock or kettle bell.

Both Turner and Crock are certified MovNat trainers, and Crock said certification focused on safety and progressing through movements.

Often, adults need to be taught how to move again, Turner said, after sitting for long hours at work.

"I had a lot of baggage," he said. "We just need to move as humans were intended to."

While fitness is the goal, MovNat is also about having fun.

"We don't call it a workout," Crock said.

"There should be an element of fun. It should be play ... fitness should be something people do throughout the day."

Programs are focused on the individual and include nutrition. New members also go through a functional movement screening to get a proper idea of level and ability.

"Everyone has their own goals and where they want to get to," Turner said. "(Being) fit means different things to everyone."

MovNat can also deal with people of all fitness levels from athletes to beginners to those recovering from injuries.

"So many people have accepted pain as part of life, but that doesn't have to be so," Turner said.

Some MovNat locations throughout the country don't have a brick and mortar location, using nature as the gym. But having a location was important to Crock.

"This is close to the river park, the Indian Run playground and the Indian Run Falls trail," she said. "There are lots of opportunities for running and climbing."

Being in Historic Dublin was also important to Crock.

"I wanted to see people bear crawling down the street and running around barefoot," she said.

"There is potential to do joint ventures (with other businesses)," Crock said. "We're really collaborative. I have a background in marketing."

Crock, who lives near Glacier Ridge Metro Park, has worked at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center and the TechDEC.

Turner has lived in Dublin for 12 years.

MovNat Ohio will have classes, but most sessions will be by appointment only.

For more information, look online at or call 614-832-3216.