Dublin will look into consolidating information technology services and infrastructure with local entities if it receives a state grant.

Dublin will look into consolidating information technology services and infrastructure with local entities if it receives a state grant.

Dublin City Council members this week approved a resolution to seek a $100,000 Local Government Innovation for a study with Westerville, Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights, Franklin County Metro Parks, Prairie Township, the Metropolitan Educational Council and Educational Service Center of Central Ohio.

The study will look into the consolidation of "... information technology data storage and security, hardware and software procurement and support and any other information technology services and infrastructure that could reasonably be shared," a staff report to council said.

If the grant is awarded, a match of 10 percent is required, but "... it is anticipated that this 10 percent match will easily be met by the various partners' staff time invested in the completion of the study," the report said.

Michelle Crandall, city director of administrative services, told council this is the last joint grant Dublin is applying for with local entities.

Council members approved resolutions to apply for two other grants for separate studies on the consolidation of other services earlier this month.

Councilwoman Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher asked how many grants the region is applying for and if multiple requests would hinder their chances.

Crandall said the region could be requesting as many as five grants, but "there's a fair likelihood of success."

In other council news, an annexation of 3.4 acres along Dublin road from Washington Township was approved Aug. 20.

City Planning Manager Gary Gunderman said the appropriate resolutions were approved by council in April for the annexation, which also has gone through county approval.

The current annexation approval by council is among the final steps, he said.

The landowners requested the annexation to get city water and sewer service and is in an island of Washington Township land between Dublin Road and the Scioto River.

Neighboring residents were on hand to protest the annexation over worries that any residence built on the 3.4 acres would be close to their residence.

Their house sits 10 feet from the property line and Dublin code requires any other residence be built at least 8 feet away from the property line. Washington Township, however, requires all structures have at least 50 feet between them.

Council members urged the property owners to work together and approved the annexation.

A contract for a multi-use path on Glick Road was also approved this week.

City council members approved a $192,489 contract with Stawser Paving Company for the construction of 3,000 feet of an 8-foot wide path and concrete ramps on the south side of Glick Road from Muirfield Drive to Carnoustie Drive.