The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center will relocate to Metro Place South later this year.

The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center will relocate to Metro Place South later this year.

The DEC, established in 2009 to nurture start-up businesses, will have to vacate its current home at 7003 Post Road that Ohio University purchased last month for a medical school extension campus.

Dublin City Council members this week approved a resolution executing a five-year lease at 565 Metro Place South, Suite 300. Over the five years, the city will pay a total of $919,000.

The city's economic development department looked at five different options for the DEC when OU determined Post Road would be the location for its new medical campus.

"One was do nothing and let the program go away, but because of the success (of the DEC), that was not an option," Colleen Gilger, Dublin economic development manager, told council members at a meeting earlier this month.

Purchasing a building, executing a master lease at a facility and entering into a public-private partnership for a lease were all considered, Gilger said.

Both purchasing a building and signing a master lease on a facility were ruled cost-prohibitive, she said.

"We also believe having a public-private partnership with Metro Data Center for the DEC allows us better flexibility and lower overall costs (including staff resources) than a master-lease scenario," an Aug. 2. staff report to council said.

The lease at Metro Center includes 11,672 square feet of training and office space by the Metro Data Center and recently opened TechDEC.

The new space would allow for 45 offices, which more than doubles the number of offices at the Post Road location, and 19 cubicles, Gilger said.

"We're able to replicate training rooms and conference rooms and also add a cafe and lunch-and-learn area," she said.

DEC tenants will also have amenities that are lacking at the Post Road facility, including on-site facility management, furnished offices, a receptionist, security doors, surveillance, access to broadband services and proximity to Metro Data Center, Gilger said.

The closeness to the TechDEC will also be a benefit and could bring collaboration between the start-ups at the DEC and the technology start-ups at the TechDEC.

"This entire third floor will get rebranded as the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center," she said. "And there's plenty of room for growth."

About 36 current DEC tenants plan to move to the Metro Place location, a staff report to council said, and plans are to move in November.

"We'll begin to occupy it by November and will be out of Post Road by December. We'll have an open house in January," Gilger said. "That meets OU's timeline."

The DEC currently has more than 50 companies and the program has enabled some to move into other office space in the city.

A Green Integrator was established in 2010 for green start-up companies and in 2011, the Dublin International Business Assistance Center was created.