It may be months before the Dublin City School District learns its final grade on the 2011-12 state report card.

It may be months before the Dublin City School District learns its final grade on the 2011-12 state report card.

State Board of Education members last week voted to release some results from the state tests later this month, but hold final report cards until State Auditor Dave Yost completes his investigation into data tampering.

A few school districts throughout the state, including Columbus and Toledo, allegedly tampered with attendance data to improve state report card results.

Yost's investigation could run through next year.

Dublin Superintendent David Axner isn't too concerned about the delay in state report cards.

The district uses data from the tests to show which areas and grades need additional help.

"Building wise, we are already moving forward with analyzing data," Axner said.

"We've had goal meetings with principals to see what went up and what went down," he said. "We're getting all we need to get out of it now."

The state released some scores to districts prior to the initial Aug. 29 state report card release date.

"There's still value-added data that we're waiting for, but for the most part we know where grade levels are and how students performed," Axner said.

"There's additional information we'll hopefully get soon, but in no way is this handcuffing us from moving forward."

The information expected to be released later this month will lack overall ratings, attendance rates and performance index scores, and could be in spreadsheet format.

The district has a combined bond and levy issue on the Nov. 6 ballot, but Axner said the delay in report card scores shouldn't impact the campaign.

"I think that probably depends on who you talk to," Axner said.

"Achievement-wise we were superior," he said.

"As it sits today, last year we had the top (Performance Index) score (in Franklin County) and now we're up to 107."

On the 2010-11 state report cards, the Dublin City School District was rated "excellent with distinction" and met all 26 state indicators.

The district received a performance-index score of 106.9 out of 120 and met adequate yearly progress.

The district also measured above annual progress in the value-added measure that tracks student progress over the year.