Work on the first phase of the Dublin Road South multi-use path is expected to begin this month.

Work on the first phase of the Dublin Road South multi-use path is expected to begin this month.

Dublin City Council members last week awarded a $229,180 contract to Decker Construction Co. for the construction of 1,500 feet of an eight-foot-wide multi-use path on the west side of Dublin Road from Tuttle Road to Hertford Lane.

City Engineer Paul Hammersmith said the Dublin Road South path has been in the works since 2009 and has had several hurdles including trees, stone walls, ravines and driveways.

The first portion of the trail will be built within the road right-of-way, but the city is seeking right-of-entry agreements from 10 property owners on Dublin Road.

In return, the city will work on the property owners' driveways and replace up to two trees if they must be removed for the trail, Hammersmith said.

As of last week, Hammersmith said the city had five agreements from residents.

"In discussions with all the property owners, staff has been clear that the path installation can occur within the right-of-way without a (right-of-entry) agreement and their driveways and yards can be transitioned at the right-of-way line," the staff report to council said.

The city plans to continue to work with property owners to get the agreement, Hammersmith said, but construction is expected to start soon.

"Construction will start later this month," he said.

"It will be finished in November," Hammersmith said, noting the work will occur while the road is already closed for culvert replacement.

"This is an ideal situation to get this completed."

When the Dublin Road South path is finished it will connect the southern portion of Dublin Road to Historic Dublin.

In other city news, an $864,070 contract was also awarded last week to Trucco Construction Co. Inc. for improvements to pedestrian tunnels on Muirfield Drive.

One set of tunnels is located south of Whittingham Drive and other is south of Tarton Drive. Each location consists of two tunnels that run under Muirfield Drive to "provide access to the championship course," Hammersmith said.

The tunnels were constructed in the late '70s and although the tunnels are in good condition, the retaining walls are not, Hammersmith said.

The winning bid came in 29 percent over the engineer's estimate, but Hammersmith said concrete costs are high.

"Just in concrete alone is $320,000," he said. "We felt their number was true and accurate."

The city also wants to get the work completed before next year's Memorial Tournament and Presidents Cup, Hammersmith said.

Work on the tunnels is expected to begin this month with completion slated for November, depending on weather.

Some work may have to be completed next year, but it will be done before May, Hammersmith said.

Any impact on traffic on Muirfield Drive during improvements will be minimal, although one lane might have to be closed temporarily, the staff report said.