Dublin was named a "World Festival and Event City" by the International Festivals and Events Association last week.

Dublin was named a "World Festival and Event City" by the International Festivals and Events Association last week.

During a Sept. 21 conference in Denver, Dublin was named one of eight World Festival and Event Cities in the "under 1 million population" category and received the most outstanding entry recognition for its category.

"The city of Dublin is honored to be recognized for presenting and hosting world-class events that have put Dublin, Ohio, on the map as a desirable location to live, work and play," Mayor Tim Lecklider said in a news release.

The award was created to help "the global festivals and events industry to openly encourage, support and recognize positive local environments for festivals and events worldwide," a release from the IFEA stated.

"First of all, it brings the international spotlight to the whole community," Dublin community relations director Sandra Puskarcik said of the award. "We appreciate the award because it's not just for one single effort, but recognizes the contributions of so many residents, organizations and corporations within Dublin."

To win the award, entrants had to supply information about the community; events held, government and community support of events; marketing of events; and other programs related to events.

The collaboration among the city, local businesses and community groups helped Dublin stand out among international competition, Puskarcik said.

"I think that's one of the things that set us apart from other cities in the world -- the level of collaboration we experience in Dublin," she said, noting that she got a call from judges a few months ago regarding the population of the city.

"When they were reading the application, they thought for sure it was 410,000 people because they could not believe everything that was going on here," she said. "It's said in a complimentary way. They could not believe so much had been accomplished. We're a fairly new community when you think about the city status."

The award could draw more events to Dublin, she said.

"I want people to understand travel and tourism equates to economics," Puskarcik said. "I hope people recognize that travel and tourism is beneficial. ... It is a significant contributor to our financial well being, along with the businesses here in our community."

Dublin and Grapevine, Texas, were the only cities in the U.S. to win the 2012 award.

The Dublin Irish Festival and the city of Dublin picked up seven IFEA Haas and Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards at the conference.

Dublin won gold awards in "Best TV Promotion" for Dublin Irish Festival curls, "Best Event Website" for the DIF site and "Best Social Media Site" for the DIF's Facebook page.

The city took silver awards in "Best Sponsor Program for Individual Sponsor," "Best Miscellaneous T-Shirt" for a DIF shirt and "Best Other Merchandise" for a sippy cup.

Dublin also took a bronze award in the "Best New Merchandise" category for a travel mug.