Dublin residents Brad and Kathleen Root brought Koko FitClub to Ohio three months ago with a Powell location.

Dublin residents Brad and Kathleen Root brought Koko FitClub to Ohio three months ago with a Powell location.

This week they opened a second location in the Shoppes at River Ridge, 4445 W. Dublin Granville Road in Dublin.

Brad Root is a full-time regional sales manager for Georgia-based Interface, but was drawn to Koko FitClub which has franchises in 26 states.

Many people don't go to a gym because they don't have time, don't know what to do or how to measure results, Root said.

"Those are the core tenants of Koko," he said. "We make it very convenient."

Koko starts members with a Koko Key that stores personal information on it such as age, weight, body composition and fitness goal. When members visit, they plug the key into a smart trainer and are led through a strength training session.

"It walks you through a 30 minute circuit-training, strength-training routine all on one machine," Root said. "You never do the same exercise in the same way twice or the same workout in the same way twice."

The machines give directions, number of reps and pace.

The Dublin Koko FitClub location is open from 5 a.m. to midnight and trainers are on hand 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. to help members.

"We have Koko hospitality," Root said. "(Trainers) know every member by name and know their fitness level and what their goals are... . There's a feeling of community here."

Root said the certified fit coaches are on hand to help with machines and proper form as needed.

"They're trained on all 93 exercises on form and technique," he said. "There is a human element here, but we find once (members) know what they're doing they don't want someone hovering over them."

Along with strength training, members are also set up with a cardio routine.

Each member has a year-long plan to choose from to meet their goal such as losing weight or gaining muscle tone. Plans can also be tailored to medical issues such as diabetes or back problems, Root said.

The plan recommends weight training for 30 minutes three times a week and getting a 15 minute cardio workout in four times a week.

"The cardio is high-intensity interval training," Root said, adding that both ellipticals and treadmills have hiking programs rather than running. "It's less wear and tear on your joints."

Along with guiding members through workout, the Koko Key also plugs information into a webpage for each member. Root said the webpages show progress, future workouts and by the end of the year nutrition information.

The Shoppes at River Ridge was a good location to pick to make the fitness experience easy for members, Root said. The center has lots of parking and is within 10 minutes driving distance from a lot of homes.

"There's a lot of empty space here, but I was impressed with the new owners and the plans to market the center," he said.

Koko FitClub is open now, but will hold a grand opening and ribbon cutting at 5 p.m. Nov. 4.