This is the time of year to show appreciation.

This is the time of year to show appreciation.

It's also the time of year when we begin to reflect upon our progress.

Three years ago, Dublin participated in the National Citizen Survey to get feedback from our residents about city services, overall appearance, and image and reputation.

Your pride in the community was evident; Dublin was rated higher than any other community participating in the survey.

In the 2009 survey, Dublin ranked first out of 306 communities when residents were asked to rate their community as a place to live.

Tom Miller, president of the National Resource Center Inc., an independent organization that conducted the survey, noted the city's scores were significantly higher than the norm for such surveys.

"I have received Dublin's findings and found them uncommon in that the community is in the top five jurisdictions in our entire database in more than 50 key measures," Miller said. "Clearly something remarkable is happening in Dublin, demonstrated by empirical evidence that residents truly appreciate so many aspects of community quality."

The results of that survey were extreme-ly positive, but also very useful to staff in determining satisfaction with community amenities and government services.

The information helps City Council when setting policy and determining community priorities, and assists city administration in planning, allocating resources and improving programs.

It also sets the benchmark for our performance, and provides a comparison with other communities nationwide.

In order to measure progress, the city once again is randomly surveying Dublin households beginning this month.

The National Citizen Survey is being sent to 1,200 households equally divided among Dublin's four wards.

Participants will receive a pre-survey postcard and two mailings of the survey.

They also will have the option of completing the survey online through a web link that will be provided in the information mailed to their homes. I

f you have received the survey, I encourage you to respond.

The survey focuses on quality of life, service delivery, civic participation and issues important to Dublin residents.

It lets us know how we're doing and where we can improve.

Survey results will be collected and analyzed in December, and the city will receive an executive summary and statistical analysis early next year, with the findings being presented at the State of the City address scheduled for March 14.

If you did not receive a survey, there are still many ways to share your views and opinions with the city by attending City Council meetings or contacting public officials via phone or email. (Contact information is available at DublinOhio

We value your opinion and are thankful to have an active, involved and informed citizenry.

Dublin City Manager Marsha Grigsby submitted the City Manager's Notes column. For more information about city events and programs, visit