The soccer fields at Avery Park will be dedicated to a Dublin man who lost his life while serving in Afghanistan in April.

The soccer fields at Avery Park will be dedicated to a Dublin man who lost his life while serving in Afghanistan in April.

Dublin City Council members last week voted 6-1 to dedicate the Avery Park soccer fields to Capt. Nicholas Rozanski and erect two plaques in his name there.

A task force of a few council members was recently formed to decide how to honor Dublin residents killed in action while serving their country.

Council members last month voted to construct a wall recognizing those killed in action at Dublin Cemetery.

Councilman Richard Gerber suggested more, however, for Rozanski.

"We believe his honor ought to be recognized more than on a wall at the cemetery," Gerber said, adding the 2005 death of L. Cpl. Wesley Davids was recognized with the naming of the local American Legion Post in his honor.

Councilwoman Cathy Boring, who cast a dissenting vote, said she battles with how to recognize people who have contributed to the community and died.

"We currently have a tree legacy program and remembrance and certainly a tree can be planted in an area reflecting a person to be remembered," she said. "A tree is a living thing."

While Boring said the city should not distinguish between residents who have made sacrifices, Councilman John Reiner said military members who have been killed in action deserve something special.

"People who serve their country deserve special recognition," Reiner said.

"Naming a soccer field is a minimal thing we can do. This man spent a lot of time there with Dublin youth."

"There is a major distinction between someone who gives their life" in military service and a community member who tragically loses their life, Councilman Michael Keenan said.

Rozanski was serving in Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard and was one of three central Ohioans killed in an April 4 attack.

Killed in Action

Memorial list

The city of Dublin is requesting assistance in identifying local residents killed in action from the Revolutionary War to present day.

The information is being sought as part of an effort to give appropriate recognition for military service personnel killed during active duty to our nation.

A list of more than 500 possible Dublin residents has been identified by military researchers and has been posted on the city's website at

An online form allows anyone who can confirm residency for listed soldiers to submit their contact information to complete the process.

Earlier this year, Dublin City Council established a special committee assigned to pay tribute to these military heroes.

Council approved the committee's recommendation to install a memorial and columbarium at Dublin Cemetery.

In order for a nominee to be included in the Killed in Action Memorial, the nominee must have been killed in action at the hands of hostile forces; died during a period of action, invasion or conflict; and been a resident of the city of Dublin; Washington Township, the former village of Dublin, or attended Dublin City Schools.

A certified Report of Incident must be submitted, or if unavailable, other records might be considered, including a telegram, letter, newspaper article, death certificate, history book, obituary, Department of Defense record or other official documentation.

Nominations for inclusion also can be submitted via the city website at Dublin