Leadership and learning have kept Patrick Smith in the Boy Scouts.

Leadership and learning have kept Patrick Smith in the Boy Scouts.

The project that earned the Dublin Coffman High School junior Eagle Scout status provided lessons in both.

"It's the pinnacle of your scouting career," Smith said. "I look at attaining Eagle Scout as a promise and responsibility to give back to the community."

Smith, a member of the Boy Scouts since 2001, was named an Eagle Scout this month during a court of honor, but he started his project that benefited Coffman High School in 2011.

With so many options open for an Eagle Scout project, Smith's plan came from his dad and entailed replacing the four benches outside Coffman High School.

Work began with paperwork in October 2011 and continued with woodworking in the summer.

"The real hands on work of the project happened in July and August," Smith said.

He had to get the benches back in place before school started, but encountered a few problems.

"They were in pretty rough shape," Smith said of the benches.

"The biggest problem I encountered with the benches wasn't how bad they were or the way the weather treated them, it was the carpenter bees that got into them.

They demolished the outside boards on all the benches."

Smith said he replaced some damaged wood, rebuilt the benches, stained them and painted the steel "a nice Dublin green."

When Smith's father, Wesley, a former commander of the Dublin American Legion, suggested building the benches, it also came with an idea of dedicating the benches to local military members.

"Originally I wanted to dedicate them to Wesley Davids, he passed away in 2004," Smith said. "But then Capt. (Nicholas) Rozanski passed away in the spring."

Smith was one of the Coffman High School students that lined the streets when the funeral procession went by the school last spring.

Seeing the impact on his fellow students, Smith decided to dedicate the benches to Rozanski instead.

"In the next couple of weeks or near the end of the school year we're going to hold a ceremony and dedicate it to Capt. Rozanski," he said, noting plaques are planned to recognize the fallen Dublin Ohio National Guard member and other branches of the armed services.

With his Eagle Scout status, Smith said he plans to help the community.

"My goal is for people to ask me (if I'm an Eagle Scout) based on what they see, my actions," he said.

Smith will also keep busy this spring with some other interests.

"Right now I play volleyball for Coffman. I want to play for OSU," he said, noting his other activities include Civil Air Patrol and the Coffman High School Drama Club.